Published: 1997-06-01

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Young [German] Parents (email): Dear Mr. Smith, Please allow us to express our sincere gratitude and admiration for your courage! The information provided by you [on the Internet] through CODOH has greatly improved our understanding of our own (German) people’s past. It is good to know that our recently born son will have alternative sources of knowledge available to him as he grows up, besides the single-sided views in media and schools. Being a student family, our resources are limited; however, please accept our small contribution as a token of our appreciation [it’s in the mail!]. Our best wishes to you! PS: We see many parallels between your mission and personal courage, and those of Martin Luther 400 years ago.

Wilbur Sensor: Have you ever considered a Ripley's-style “Believe it or Not” category to your Web site? It would be a real eye-opener. The Holocaust/Zionism issue would lend itself to precisely such an approach. If you did Ripley “cartoon” style you would immediately catch the reader’s attention, which would then be directed to the more scholarly materials.

(Nope. Never even dreamed about it. It's a good idea. I’m going to take a run at it.)

Anneliese Hoepp: Do you have anything in Spanish? I travel once a year to Cuba. The people there are very much interested in the Holocaust controversy. All the tour guides speak and read English. I always take some literature, including your flyer “The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate.”

(We have a Spanish language page on CODOHWeb which features a Spanish language translation of Carlos Porter s Not Guilty at Nuremberg, but that's all. At this very moment we’re looking for an “editor” who can take charge of this page on CODOHWeb so that we can deliver revisionist theory to the some 300 million people who speak the language.)

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Published: 1997-06-01
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