Mr. Mom and the Announced Resurrection of the "JHR"

Published: 2005-09-01

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As indicated in the editorial of the previous issue of The Revisionist, I am now Mr. Mom, taking care of my cute six-months old daughter and trying to run a household, while my wife goes to work. This will be my way of life for years to come, especially if our plans work out and a second child is added. After all, simple jobs are no challenge for me…

This issue was mainly compiled and edited by volunteers over the past several months. It is also the first issue for which I did not read and edit all contributions at least once myself. Who knows, I may not even find time to read all of the papers included.

The next months will prove if the network of volunteer authors, translators, book reviewers, editors, and proofreaders will be able to carry on a project that I started in early 2003 with not much help. If we manage to get all three outstanding 2005 issues of TR out by the end of this year or very early next year, it can be called a success. Otherwise we will have to rethink how to proceed.

Having published eight English-language books over the past six months – see the back cover of this issue – plus several German books, we will start introducing them one after the other in the upcoming issues of TR.

The downsizing of my own revisionist activities to a mere hobby performed from a tiny home study has a negative impact not only on the time I can spend to produce TR and publish books, but also on the scope and scale of how I can promote and sell my books and magazines. Right now I have no problem dealing with the incoming correspondence and orders. However, should the volume increase considerably, I would simply be unable to handle it. It would require a separate office and at least one employee. But that is currently out of the question, since I cannot both babysit and supervise employees. I have therefore decided not to do any additional promotion of my work but to leave it at its present level. The only way this could change is if I were to find someone to whom I could hand my products (and a part of the turnover coming from them) and who would stock, promote, and distribute them. If anyone out there could imagine doing such a job, please do not hesitate to approach me.

Considering the logistic difficulties I have to struggle with, it was welcome news, yet at the same time surprising to hear in a recent statement made by an employee of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) that they intend to resurrect the revisionist Journal of Historical Review, which was edited into the ground by IHR director Mark Weber just prior to the appearance of The Revisionist. Of course, there would be no room for two revisionist magazines like The Journal of Historical Review and The Revisionist. Since the IHR has much better logistics at their disposal and could easily get much more support as well, it would be the logical choice to join forces. However, considering that Mark Weber told me just a few months ago during a phone call that he has no intention to resurrect The Journal of Historical Review, and considering also that it was under his management that the Journal of Historical Review ceased to appear, losing all editors, most of the potential contributors, and many subscribers and supporters along the way, I wonder who would be in charge of such a resurrection. Merging TR with a new JHR under the same old mismanagement of Mark Weber would certainly not be a wise decision. In response to my inquiry in this regard, no statement was made about who would be in charge, and it was moreover stated that there is no timeline yet for such a revival. Hence, we will have to sit and wait.

The IHR’s announcement of a possible revival of the JHR may also be a result of my incessant insisting that the IHR should report publicly what they have been doing over the past three years and what they are currently doing. Many of my customers and supporters, who had the impression that not much of anything was going on at the IHR, have asked me that question, to which I knew no answer. The IHR also pointed out that they have been converting many old speeches made at various conventions to CD and DVD format. Castle Hill Publishers will strive to include those media in our catalogue for purchase.

Finally, a few words about my legal situation. As I write this, my asylum case is still pending a hearing in a Federal Court. By dodging the issue in their response to my appeal, the U.S. government conceded between the lines that their claim that I had filed a frivolous (fraudulent) asylum application has no merit. This means that the U.S. government will not be able to deport me. In addition, the generosity of my supporters during my recent fundraising initiative to assist me in covering my legal expenses was so generous that I now have the means to prepare a complete back-up solution in case the U.S. government should have success at any point of this case. Hence, I am afraid my persecutors will most likely not get rid of me any time soon. Thanks also to the help of many readers of The Revisionist.

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Published: 2005-09-01
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