Reinhold Hanning former SS sergeant is Tried in Germany for helping to Kill 170,000

Published: 2016-03-29

For many years the German State had been criticized for not doing enough to bring to justice those who could be responsible, for what according to true believers of the Holocaust is the death of thousands and thousands of Jews at the hands of German Officials during the Nazi Era in “Concentration Camps”.

Reinhold Hanning

It used to be that German courts maintained a policy that senior Nazi leadership was to be the only one trialled for possible accusations of Holocaust survivors. They were the ones who could be held responsible for the crimes during WWII.

All of that changed since the trial of John Demjanjuk , a guard at the Sobibor camp in Poland where allegedly more than 27,000 died during the camp’s operation. In May 2011, according to UK daily The Telegraph, “91-year-old Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk was convicted of helping to herd 27,900 men, women and children into the gas chambers”. He was sentenced to five years in prison. The trial started when he was 89 at Munich, and lasted 18 months.

The story of Demjanjuk is of public interest not only because of what he was accused of in Germany for but also for the trial he went through in 1986, in Jerusalem accused of being "Ivan the Terrible," at Treblinka where Ivan participated in beatings, gassings and torture, a true sadist, only deign of the terrible literary stories narrated by  Marquis de Sade.

Israel after sentencing him to death in 1989, dropped the charges five years later because “evidence surfaced proving Israel had got the wrong man”. So Demjanjuk deserves special attention. He deserves to revisit his life story. But I won’t do that here. Nevertheless what happened to him is key to understanding what is now happening in German courts: anyone can be now put on trial if an accusation arises and one happened (putatively) to be part of the WWII Holocaust-Saga.

Reinhold Hanning is one more example of what is happening in Germany. He is now 94 years old, a retired dairy farmer and has not denied that he was formerly an SS sergeant at Auschwitz but denied having spent any time working at the Auschwitz II-Birkenau section.

The problem as we know is that in a German court you cannot defend yourself properly against the testimony of a Holocaust survivor. According to the Daily Mail, Richt-Bein, the Holocaust survivor that has brought up charges against Hanning, was born in Auschwitz shortly before Christmas 1944. Yes you read it correctly; she was a newborn when she lived in Auschwitz.

This is part of the Holocaust Industry that tries to keep itself alive. Survivors and possible perpetrators are now almost extinct. So there is not much to go after…nevertheless they are persecuting the most vulnerable of society, the elderly, and unfortunately there are those non-Jews who go along with this program. As the Daily Mail reports, “experts say the legal proceedings are necessary to serve a role in educating a new generation about the horrors of the Holocaust.” So here we are. This is just not about to stop yet.



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Title: Reinhold Hanning former SS sergeant is Tried in Germany for helping to Kill 170,000
Published: 2016-03-29
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