Published: 2012-07-31

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The “Date modified” time stamp of the source file to this issue shows that I was last working on this issue of The Revisionist on October 18, 2005. In the early morning of the following day, my wife and I had an appointment at the Chicago office of the U.S. Immigration Services in order to have our marriage validated, which was supposed to pave the road for my getting a so-called “green card.” Although we were successful with the marriage validation, my attempt at getting permanent legal residence in the U.S. based on this was somewhat ill-fated, to put it mildly. Only a few seconds after my wife and I received the fancy document validating our marriage, I got arrested under the false pretense of having missed an alleged interview appointment several months earlier. After having spent four weeks in deportation custody in the Kenosha County Jail, I was deported to Germany on Nov. 14, 2005, where I disappeared into a number of government accommodation facilities for the following 44 more months. Details of this ordeal can be gleaned from my website at

The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) has approached me with the intention to post all papers ever published in this journal on their website. Since most of the papers have been posted for years on, their plan merely required to mirror these files (after some reformatting). But some papers of the issue no. 4 of 2004 and all except one of the last published issue of The Revisionist (1/2005) have never been posted anywhere. Issue no. 1/2005 has not even been available online as a pdf file.

I managed to locate the original files on my old (2003) computer (before recycling it), and forwarded them to the responsible person at CODOH.

While skimming the folders on my old computer, I realized that the next issue of TR (2/2005), although still a good deal from being finished, had progressed quite impressively by the time of my arrest. It was probably only a week or two away from being published. Hence I decided to send that issue to CODOH as well (with these introductory comments) in order that the individual papers of that forgotten issue might be published at long last.

There is even a number of papers ready for Issue no. 3 of 2005. If they still haven’t been published elsewhere, it has to be determined what will happen with them. Maybe may feature some of them.

Although this late appearance of Issue no. 2 of 2005 may look like The Revisionist has suddenly come back to life, it actually hasn’t. This is the mere resurgence of one single issue that in 2005 was on the brink of seeing the light of day. Now, after seven years, it finally does. I hope you enjoy reading the individual papers.

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Author(s): Germar Rudolf
Title: Resurgence
Sources: The Revisionist 3(2) (2005), p. 118
Published: 2012-07-31
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