Revisionist Videos through Internet

Published: 1995-01-01

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A supporter decided to post an offer on Internet to donate a free copy of the Cole/Piper video to the first 100 respondents who asked for it. Internet is the world-wide electronic hook-up of literally millions of individual computers. The idea was to encourage the development of a dialogue here in the U.S. and in Europe about the video. Daniel Gannon of Banished CPU, a computer bulletin board in Portland Oregon, posted the offer.

The announcement was posted one evening in November, and by the following evening all one hundred videos had been claimed. The originator of the project was so pleased by the response he offered a second hundred, then a third. A couple other individuals have pitched in, and it looks like there are enough funds to give out some 500 copies of the video. Will it work? We don't know. We seldom know if anything's going to work until we put it out there.

Shortly after the Internet offer was posted, I began getting a rash of hate calls. I suppose they're from people who requested the video, viewed it, and came to the conclusion I'm no good. But I'm not sure. Not one of the callers has mentioned the video. One fellow who appeared to be middle-aged went into some detail about how I’m going to burn in hell. "Do you understand, Bradley? I'm not a Jew, but you are going to burn in Hell."

He didn't mention the video, and no one has mentioned David Cole either. That's not right. It's David's video. He wrote the script. He directed it. He narrated it. If I'm going to burn in Hell, I want David there too, burning and spluttering like I am. Why shouldn't he burn with me? For that matter, while I don't wish him any harm, it's his video so why shouldn't he burn alone?

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Title: Revisionist Videos through Internet
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Published: 1995-01-01
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