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Published: 2015-09-08

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Smith’s Report is currently operating in a financial vacuum. The entire operation has been moved out of Bradley’s Mexican redoubt, yet our new financial modus vivendi hasn’t been established yet. The reason for that delay is that Bradley needs to sign a contract granting us the right to use CODOH as a business name. He almost did it, but then he decided that his step-daughter, who has a professional background in law, should take a look at the contract. Fair enough, but without it we cannot rent a PO Box within our reach, and so collecting payments will be a challenge for a while.

When Brad sent us the SR subscriber list last month, it did not include any data about the subscription status of our subscribers. So we can’t even remind subscribers whose subscriptions have expired. To get out of this quandary, we have given every subscriber 5 free issues starting with SR 214. You will hear from us about renewals after SR 217 will have gone out. We might change that, if and when we get any subscription data from Bradley, or whenever we hear from you, our valued subscriber.

Renew early, and renew long. The battle is not yet half won, though we fight harder every day. The Loyal Team Carrying on Smith’s Report

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Author(s): The SR Team
Title: Subscription News, Editorial
Sources: Smith’s Report, No. 215, September 2015, p. 1
Published: 2015-09-08
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