Thank You

Published: 1993-11-01

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It was one year ago exactly that we released David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, the video which contained the dramatic admission from the senior curator at the Auschwitz State Museum that the "gas chamber," shown to millions of tourists as being in its original state is, in fact, a post-war Soviet creation.

Since that time, the "Piper" video has had an incredible impact on the Holocaust debate. It has been the subject of numerous articles in both the revisionist press and the establishment media. It has been discussed on TV talk shows, on the radio, and even in college classrooms! The world over, from North America to Europe ... from Australia to (believe it or not) Israel, vast numbers of new people have been introduced to the hard revisionist truths contained in the Piper video. So difficult has the Piper tape been to ignore, that in the August 7th edition of the Jerusalem Post, internationally renowned Holocaust scholar Dr. Yehuda Bauer, head of Hebrew University'S Institute of Contemporary Jewry, had to admit the impact of this ground breaking video. He called the Piper tape "a powerful video," and urged the production of exterminationist videos to counter it.

How could all this come about? How did this one video, denied any advertising in the mainstream press and viciously attacked by the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and influential individuals like Holocaust scholar Professor Deborah Lipstadt and University of Texas (Austin) President Dr. Robert Berdahl, still make such an impact?

It was because of you, the revisionist community. This victory in the battle for historical truth is yours to celebrate. All the censorship, all the suppression, all the lies employed by the other side couldn't stop you from getting the information contained in the Piper tape to the general public. And how was this done? With the Piper tape as your tool, you have put an incredible amount of energy and creativity into educating the public about the Auschwitz fraud. Throughout the past year, we have marveled at the ingenuity you've displayed. Neighborhood get-togethers and home video parties have been organized where the Piper video is shown to revisionist newcomers. In cities all across North America, private showings of the Piper tape have turned skeptics into revisionist supporters!

You have taken the lead in getting the Piper tape shown on local community access cable channels. On cable stations from Oregon to Florida, from Texas to New York (in Manhattan no less!), you have helped educate tens of thousands of people who might never have been exposed to revisionist ideas. You have taken the time, completely on your own, to translate the Piper tape into other languages, post the transcript onto national computer bulletin boards, and even prod local TV talk shows into doing episodes about the Piper tape!

It's gotten to the point where so many people have seen the Piper tape that the other side can no longer ignore the Auschwitz "gas chamber" issue. We have put the exterrninationists on the defensive, and now they must worry about "damage control." All this because of you. Your dedication. Your ingenuity.

And now, a challenge: CAN WE DO IT AGAIN? Within the next month, we will be releasing David Cole's next video from his 1992 fact-finding tour of the camp sites in Europe. Titled The Gas Chambers: A Look at the Physical Evidence, this video will go the Piper tape one better. Whereas the Piper video dealt only with the Auschwitz main-camp "gas chamber," this new video, consisting of never before seen footage, will tackle the other supposed gas chamber sites at Birkenau, Majdanek, Mauthausen and Dachau.

It is our belief that this new video will be a final nail in the coffin of the gas chamber story, because the evidence presented in this tape will prove conclusively the physical impossibility of homicidal gassings at those sites. It will be absolutely impossible for anyone to dismiss this video. It will demonstrate that the evidence most damaging to the gas chamber story comes not from conjecture, but from the physical state of the rooms where the gassings are said to have occurred. The hard evidence presented in this video, much of it never mentioned before in any other revisionist work, will stun even the most seasoned revisionist.

So, our challenge is this: Can we repeat, or even top, the success we've had in disseminating the information contained in the Piper tape? Can we build on our successes from 1993 and, with this new video, make 1994 the year the tide turns in this debate?

Our answer is yes! We believe we can do it together.

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Published: 1993-11-01
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