The ADL's 'Black Slavery' Ruse

Published: 2000-01-01

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The ADL is consistent: it will always argue against a free press when the Holocaust controversy is being addressed. One of its routines is to use the—let's put this as carefully as we can—transparently stupid comparison of revisionist theory to the ADL's "hypothetical" paper arguing that Black slavery did not exist in America.

This invented, dishonest analogy is supposed to convince readers, particularly students, that revisionist theory argues that "nothing happened" to the European Jews during the Hitlerian regime, just as the ADL's hypothetical paper argues that "nothing happened" to Blacks in America.

But revisionist theory doesn't argue that "nothing happened" to the Jews during World War II. It argues that some of what is claimed to have happened did happen and some of it didn't—the "gas chambers" for example. The Holocaust story is a war story—an immense collection of individual war stories. We all know that when it comes to war stories, some are going to be true and some are going to be trash. Vietnam? The Gulf War? Kosovo? Who's kidding who here?

The ADL wants us to believe that intellectual freedom regarding the Holocaust controversy will lead to "an atmosphere in which ethnic, racial, religious and all other forms of bigotry are likely to flourish." The political hacks who represent the ADL do not stop to ask themselves—what would have happened if Blacks, the moment they were off-loaded in the slave ports of America, had been given access to a free press and the right to argue for their own freedom? To argue against the ethics, morality, and good sense of chattel slavery? Don't you think slavery would have stopped where it started?

The ADL's use of the lamebrain slavery-never-happened ruse to suppress intellectual freedom is to be expected. That's just what they do. The rest of us, however, would do well to ignore it and get on with the business of being free men and women.

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Title: The ADL's 'Black Slavery' Ruse
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Published: 2000-01-01
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