The Matching Funds Offer. Correspondence

Published: 1995-11-01

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In September an Indiana supporter contributed $2,000 to a “matching funds” offer, and in October a California man committed another $1,000 to the offer. This was intended to pay down my Discover Card debt, which a couple months ago stood at $4,880. Thanks to those of you who contributed directly to this fund, the debt (after paying two months interest on the card) is down to $2,915.

There is $850 left in the (total of $3,000 ) matching funds offer. Contributions of $150 (or more), marked directly to “matching funds” could produce $1,700. The full amount of your matching funds check will go directly to Discover Card.

Correspondence I read everything sent me but regretfully can not reply to that which is not of great immediate importance. All correspondence received is considered public domain unless specifically and plainly marked otherwise. If you do not want to be identified by name in SR, please say so in writing.

Because SR is a newsletter, not a magazine, there is not enough space to publish long letters in full. That should be obvious even to my friends. Letters of more than 800 words, which is about one page in SR, become very problematical.

Till next month ...


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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: The Matching Funds Offer. Correspondence
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 28, November 1995, p. 7
Published: 1995-11-01
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