Month: July 2015

Transition Times

Late on July 16, Bradley Smith called to tell me that he won’t be able to do Smith’s Report anymore. Hence Jett, doing the writing, and I (formatting and actual publishing) got the present issue out all by ourselves. We don’t know whether this is temporary or permanent, but the writing has been on the…

The Light Flickers

This issue of Smith’s Report must be the first ever that lacks the byline of Bradley Smith. Our namesake and “face” has given over what for anyone else would be their “golden years” to the fight for freedom to discuss openly what might be history’s most-contended subject. It is a supreme act of self-sacrifice, perhaps…

IHR: From Flagship to Millstone

In his 1993 PhD thesis, the New Zealand historian Joel S. Hayward described the California Institute for Historical Review as revisionism's "mover and shaker." And in fact the Institute and its erstwhile flagship periodical The Journal of Historical Review, have had a leading, and often decisive, role in international revisionism since they were established in…

Exit the Whistleblower

Editor's remark: This document refers to a number of exhibits which we have scanned and combined into one PDF file which can be downloaded here. Introduction In late May I was dismissed as editor of the Journal of Historical Review and removed as treasurer of IHR’s parent corporation, the Legion for the Survival of Freedom….

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