Jewish Religion

CODOH does not seek to become a major discussion forum for aspects of Jewish religion. Therefore, we will offer only a few contributions here dealing with aspects of the Jewish religion which might be of interest in the context of the Holocaust, its revisionism, and the suppression of the latter.

I falsi “falsi protocolli”

Da quando, nell’agosto 1920, il Times di Londra svelò che i “Protocolli dei Savi Anziani di Sion” sono tratti in buona misura dalla satira politica di Maurice Joly Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle,[1] essi si trasformarono da “prova” di una “cospirazione” mondiale ebraica, come fu…

The True Story of German-Jewish Relations (Part 4)

It is important to know and understand history. No serious historian would say that events such those that occurred before, during and after World War II are pieces of time that can be completely separated one from the other, that it is possible to isolate this event from that one. After all, history is the sum of all those events, sometimes more like briefing, because it would impossible to include every moment, every second of all those lives that were involved in those events such as those that happened during the first half of the twentieth century. We at CODOH are proud to look at history with an acute sense of research and with no ideological agenda.

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