No. 205 (May)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 205 · · May 2014

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Philip Weiss: The Holocaust’s Shylock. By Jett Rucker
  • Doing What Matters at the USHMM. By Bradley Smith
  • The Right to Refute! By Tal Buenos
  • Truth Tuesdays at UCLA. By Zan Overall
  • The Jewish Press reviews the “The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax”. By David Merlin
  • From Israel Supporter to Holocaust Denier. Why I Changed. By Dave Westerlund
  • First they came for the Holocaust Deniers and I said nothing—Because I am not a Holocaust Denier. By Hajduk
  • Censored Language and the Mind-Prison of the Group. By Jon Rappoport
  • The Last Word. By Bradley R. Smith

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The Jewish News Reviews “The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax”

Ms. Lori Lowenthal Marcus US CorrespondentThe Jewish Press 4915 16th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204NY Telephone Number718.330.1100Out-of-State Telephone 1.800.992.1600 02 April 2014 Dear Ms. Marcus, I am writing to comment on your review of The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax where you write, "it sounds pretty much like old lies repackaged in a new format." While…

The Right to Refute!

The Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) Another article on the Internet urging a free exchange of ideas on “Genocide Denial” from a Turkish perspective. I claim no understanding of the facts of the matter, but I do understand the revulsion against how the word “denial” is used to discourage the examination of history by academics and…

Truth Tuesdays at UCLA

Because of space issues, these are very heavily edited notes from Zan Overall’s Truth Tuesdays on the steps of the Powell Library at UCLA. He’s been there for 17 Tuesdays as of this writing. Each Tuesday he talks—or “barks” as he has it—on the Holocaust, 9/11, and the “hate Whitey” movies such as the recent…

Inconvenient History: Latest Stats

Inconvenient History:A Quarterly Journal For Free Historical Inquiry The report shows a comparison of the first quarter of 2014 vs. the first quarter of 2013. The most important stat is Unique Visitors, up 46.99% for a total of 58,710 new visitors! The Latest Stats Visits: 277.975 vs. 196,063 Unique Visitors: 183,659 vs. 124,949 Page Views:…

The Last Word

*** I think maybe Jon Rappoport has had the last word here. Groups, not individuals: Holocaust Deniers, Jew-haters, Anti-Semites, it goes on and on. Always groups, in support of yet another Group, The Genocide Industry. They are very good at it. *** Last month was a disaster with regard to donations. I wonder if it…

Censored Language and the Mind-Prison of the Group

The bottom-line goal of all social constructs is convincing individuals they are, first and foremost, part of a group. If this strategy for control succeeds, then criminals and hustlers of every stripe can peddle their stench-ridden wares. To groups. The collective is, above all, a funnel into which propaganda can be poured, like swamp water….

First they came for the Holocaust Deniers and I said nothing—Because I am not a Holocaust Denier

April 20 2014 I was thinking, of course, that it's far from the first time that Yoorop (Dutch law) has decided to go against free speech. Although various thoughts have been declared illegal, Holocaust denial is the most salient both because it's the most common and because it's enforced for real. Now these laws are…

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