No. 211 (December)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 211 · · December 2014

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Half a Century of Rebellion, Germar Rudolf interviewed
  • News and Notes, by Bradley R. Smith
  • Tinseltown Goes to War, by Ralph Raico
  • The Karski Report: the Holocaust in Miniature, by Jett Rucker

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Half a Century of Rebellion

Q: Thanks first of all that you have agreed to this interview. A: You’re most welcome. Q: And then, of course, happy birthday! How does it feel to be half a century old? A: Thanks, well, not good. But then again, I don’t really care. After 50 years we all are of the same age….

Open Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein

Some of it Happened, Some of it Didn't CODOH Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust Senator Dianne Feinstein331 Hart Senate Office Bldg.Washington, D.C. 20510Phone: (202) 224-3841 14 November 2014 Dear Senator: I am writing to ask you to oppose the so-called "The ‘Nazi’ Social Security Benefits Termination Act," the bill that strips Social Security…

News and Notes

For some years now I have been writing a special cover letter to go with the December issue of this Report. Needing a little shove to get going I was searching for cover letters I wrote here for Christmas in 2004 and hopefully in 1994. Or there about. It could be interesting. As it turned…

Tinseltown Goes to War

I’ve just watched for about the third time the 1962 film, The Longest Day, a great action movie on the Allied invasion of Normandy. Among its several pluses: an all-star male cast, including a young Sean Connery, as well as a brief segment starring a seriously good-looking woman bearing a strong resemblance to Sophia Loren….

The Karski Report: The Holocaust in Miniature

This issue of Inconvenient History features an article by Friedrich Jansson that is appropriate to the Year 2014, designated by the Sejm (legislature) of Poland the Year of (Jan) Karski, the intrepid courier/witness for the London-based government-in-exile of Poland, born in Poland one hundred years ago. The article discloses, for the first time of which…

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