On the Holocaust Controversy

Nos. 19 to 29 · www.Codoh.com · 1995

Revisionist News & Comments

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Smith — in Russian?

There's no stopping me and CODOH. In issue 19 of SR I revealed to the public the newly formed, insidious and dangerous Zhirinovsky / Smith Axis. Z and I may well do what the might of the entire Nazi Empire failed to do — conquer Russia. The cat's out of the bag on this one…

Smith Teams with Millionaire Philanthropist to Create New Holocaust Studies Programs at University of Miami

Miami Herald, 11 Dec 94: “Sanford L. Ziff, 69, is the self-made millionaire — the founder of Sunglass Hut — who considers himself the driving force behind Holocaust education at the University of Miami. How he did it: By dangling a $2 million donation over the university's head.” Spiegelmaus makes himself seen and heard at…

Softening ’Em Up

Listening to Bennett, I gave myself a pat on the back. In November I'd mailed a review copy of our video, “David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper,” to the editors of 460 college newspapers. Not to those we've sent stuff to before, but 460 editors who have never before received anything whatever from CODOH. A…

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