No. 35 (Sep.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 35 · · September 1996

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  • CODOHWeb defies July 4th sneak attack!
  • Congresswoman continues to protest use of her name in connection with Cole/Piper video.
  • Rude awakening: how it looked to the man who does the work.
  • Spielberg wheedles $1 million from taxpayers for new Hollywood holocaust project.
  • Spiegelmouse's World
  • Letters
  • and more!

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How Do You Handle Great Odds? You Go over the Top

Last January the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for Internet service providers to deny revisionists access to the World Wide Web. We can't say for sure that ProtoSource Network and Rick Horowitz took their lead from the SWC, but they did exactly what the rabbis asked them to do. The Wiesenthalers and other exterminationists are desperate…

Special IHR Meeting

David Irving will be the main speaker at the Marriott Suites hotel in Costa Mesa on 7 September at this IHR “Mini-conference.” I will speak as well, while Mark Weber will report on recent revisionist news. While most attendees will be from the Southern California area, others are flying in from the mid-West for the…

Revisionism to the WORLD!

Here is a partial list of articles, letters and book chapters that Richard Widmann and David Thomas added to CODOHWeb in English, German and French—after reestablishing our site on 14 July. 7/14/96 Annex added to the English translation of Roger Garaudy's The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, with the following titles: Letter from Abbé Pierre…

Spielberg Wheedles $1 Million from Taxpayers for New Hollywood Holocaust Project

Hollywood mega-mogul Steven Spielberg, maker of the turgid and dishonest Holocaust blockbuster Schindler's List, has been given $1 million by the U.S. Treasury, for a charity he set up to videotape and computerize the memories of “survivors” of the Holocaust. A photograph appearing in the Washington Post shows Spielberg receiving a blown-up facsimile of the…

Rude Awakening

(David Thomas is co-Webmaster of CODOHWeb, a businessman, golfer and raconteur.) At just about the stroke of midnight, July 3/4, woke up in front of the computer screen where I’d been dozing for an hour or so, working on uploading new files to the CODOH World Wide Web site. It’s a common occurrence— both uploading…

Smith’s OnLine Review Still Set to Debut in September on the World Wide Web

As reported in the previous issue of Smith's Report, Smith's OnLine Review will begin publication on CODOH's Web site this month (due to the July 4th sneak attack, however, the debut has been moved back to the end of September). As promised, the first issue of SOR will contain up-to-date news, analysis, and commentary on…


Arthur Butz Having almost recovered from returning from vacation, I was able to read SR 34. The account (p. 4) of the ad in the FAZ, May 17, is erroneous. The ad is very generally worded and many readers would have no idea who or what is involved. There was no specific reference to revisionist…

The Radio Project

Tom Reveille and I e-mailed our first proposal to radio talk shows on 2 July. On 4 July, as we have pointed out, our site was shut down. If a talk show producer was interested in responding to our solicitation, there was no way he could reach us. We had disappeared from the Internet. After…

Congresswoman Continues to Protest Use of Her Name in Connection with Cole/Piper Video

(Following are stories on the distribution of our video on Auschwitz, David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, the Radio Project, letters to the editor touching on Willis Carto, a correction from Arthur Butz, and a partial list of recent revisionist scholarship posted on CODOHWeb.) SR34 reported Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s (D-OH) congratulatory reaction to having viewed…

CODOHWeb Defies July 4th Sneak Attack!

As subscribers to this newsletter are aware, the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust's Web site was closed down without notice and without explanation (other than a cryptic reference to its “content”) by its Internet server, ProtoSource Network, approximately one minute after midnight on July 4th, 1996. While the losses CODOH suffered during the…

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