No. 50 (Jan.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 50 · · January 1998

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016


  • CODOH's $50,000 Offer Keeps Making Waves on Campus and off
  • Worldscope
  • Who will be left to stand up?
  • Elie Wiesel: A darker side to Wiesel's Night
  • The New McCarthyism of Holocaust Orthodoxy
  • and more!

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed below.

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Other Stuff

HELP! Check your records. I still have not worked out the program for sending subscription reminders. Too busy. I guess I’m counting on you. It’s worked so far. If you have not contributed to CODOH or Smith’s Report in ten months or longer, your time is come. I balk at not continuing to send you…


Your Web site on the Internet is overwhelming for someone just “tuning in.” How about a guide, on your site that, for beginners, would recommend where to go first? B.F., Tucson AZ Good idea. I'll run it past the gang. I am a “Morgenthau Plan” survivor. This gets them every time. I am from Silesia,…

Internet Roundup 1998

As 1998 begins, a new strain of virulent anti-Americanism is circulating throughout our country. We see the Holocaust Lobby attempting, in complete and utter disregard for the basic tenets on which our country was founded, to eliminate revisionist dissent through nongovernmental, “voluntarist” tampering with the free market of ideas. While the Left, and nearly all…

Who Will Be Left to Stand up?

[A well-written article that Smith would have been glad to retain credit for.The piece, however, was written by Martin Henry, of whom you will shortly be hearing more.] Who will be left to stand up? The Review; University of Delaware, 5 December 1997 Bradley SmithGuest Column In the 20 years or so that the Gas…


The ongoing Canadian witchhunt against the foremost exponent of Holocaust revisionism north of the border, Ernst Zuendel, turned even uglier as the numerous state and Jewish agencies ranged against him stooped to having Zuendel’s estranged wife, Irene, testify against him at hearings designed to muzzle Ernst and the U.S.-based, independently operated Zuendelsite of the World…


This issue of Smith’s Report is the fiftieth I’ve published since the first one in the spring of 1990. Fully a third of those issues have appeared in the last two years. I got involved in promoting Holocaust revisionism in July, 1984, just after the arson attack that burned the Institute for Historical Review to…

CODOH'S $50,000 Offer Keeps Making Waves on Campus and off

CODOH’s latest campus campaign, spearheaded by the reward offered for showing David Cole’s video on Auschwitz on a national TV network in prime time, has been the most successful first quarter thrust in the Campus Project’s eight-year history. Besides resulting in a record number of college and university newspaper ads, it has brought Holocaust revisionism…

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