At the moment, we distinguish between two different kinds of videos:

  • Chats &: Interviews: These are casual monologues or dialogues on a variety of topics, but usually focusing on history and free speech.
  • Documentaries and lectures: These are presentations of scholarly style and contents, again with the same focus.

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Chats & Interviews | Documentaries

Germar Rudolf, Interview with Jim Rizoli, Nov. 7, 2015

German scientist and publisher Germar Rudolf if most (in)famous for his "Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz," see at He authored this study in 1991/92 on request of German lawyers, but when it got published in 1993, all hell broke loose for him: Rudolf lost his job…

Coffee with Bradley Smith

Coffee with Bradley Smith was a series of brief video clips Bradley did starting in October 2009. In them, he leisurely sits in his office and talks about any recent event which transpired during his ongoing Campus Project Campaign lobbying for a free exchange of ideas on the Holocaust narrative. The series was interrupted in…

Gas Van Film and Photo Fraud

"Driveable gas chamber … a pension as a lieutenant commander"; source: "Der Spiegel," no. 4, 23 January 1963, p. 30Click to see the entire article. "SS gas van: 'The people didn't scream'"; source: "Der Spiegel," no. 21, 16 May 1966, p. 60Click to see the entire article. "NS gas van – 'nine to ten per…

Holocaust Survivor Finds “Exterminated” Brother through Appearance with Revisionists on the Montel Williams Show

For fifty years, Holocaust survivors Ernest Hollander and his brother Alex thought that their older brother, Zoltan, had been executed by the Germans in 1944. And for half a century, Zoltan thought that both his two brothers had been killed by the Germans during the war. But thanks to Ernest Hollander's appearance with Revisionists Mark…

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