No. 26 (Sep.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 26 · · September 1995

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  • The Campus Project
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  • Hans Schmidt in Jail
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  • Spiegelmice at Berkeley
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If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed below.

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ROBERT FAURISSON Your editor mis-reads a handwritten note from Professor Faurisson. Just received Smith’s Report #25 (August 1995) where you published an open letter of mine on my recent trial and on the court decision of June 13, 1995. You made a frightening mistake. I never said “Nevertheless, I forced publication of the judgment in…

It’s a new Germany!

I heard of the arrest of Hans Schmidt in an early morning telephone call from Dr. Miroslav Dragan. Unfortunately, it seems to be very hard to contact either Schmidt, or what steps to take in support of him. It makes one realize that accurate information and communication is vital in this sort of thing. In…

Hans Schmidt in Jail

Schmidt, founder of the German American Political Action Committee (GANPAC), is in the slammer in Schwerin, Germany. He wrote an open letter regarding the “New [right wing] Terror” and posted it to the wrong person in the wrong country. The following information is taken from the Zuendel Website, This site will most likely be…

Women on the Web

(From The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4 August 1995.) The World-Wide Web is attracting more women and people without technical backgrounds to the Internet. Those are among the conclusions of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, who conducted a survey of about 13,000 Web users this spring. Georgia Tech researchers… found that 15.5 per…

The Campus Project

Early in the month I signed up temporarily with America On Line (AOL) so I could access the Internet (the “Net”) and browse around through the World Wide Web (the “Web”), which is where I will set up the permanent CODOH Website. There were installation problems I could not solve so I had to call…


Friend: This month we saw Magaly, our 23-year-old, off to San Diego State University. Without the left-wing policies of the State and Federal governments, which include student loans, scholarships and other help, she wouldn’t have made it. Her step-father, an otherwise admirable fellow, had 22 years to prepare for this event but he chose all…

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