No. 38 (Dec.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 38 · · December 1996

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  • IHR Prevails against Willis Carto in Missing Millions Case;Carto and the Liberty Lobby Ordered to pay IHR $10 million
  • Faurisson trial suspended. French historian's denial of gaschamber evidence stuns prosecutors
  • Good-bye Harvard, hello JDL. Revisionists rattle some “hate”mongers
  • Revisionism rampant 'round the globe
  • The Internet, the Thought-Police, and CompuServe
  • and more!

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Revisionism to the World!

Following is a partial list of the revisionist materials posted on CODOHWeb which I can send you in printed form. It costs about ten cents per printed page, plus postage and handling, to get it to you. Your contribution over and above that amount, if possible, is much appreciated. The Controversy about the Extermination of…


When Bradley Smith asked me via e-mail if I would write a statement supporting the subscription drive of Smith's Report, I replied okay “but please first advise me. Do you object to being described as 'the sort of crank we can't do without', or something like that? That is how I actually view you.” Bradley…

Internet Round Up

The Internet and the World Wide Web in particular have become the greatest open forum for the free exchange of ideas in the history of man. The ability to instantly “publish” ideas and opinions on just about any topic has appealed to the sensibilities of millions worldwide. Today, virtually anything and everything can be found…

Revisionism Rampant ‘round the Globe

David Irving has threatened to sue Australian Prime Minister John Howard for calling him a “crackpot historian” and a criminal (due to his arrests for revisionism) on November 8th. Irving was denied a visa by Australian authorities a few days before. … The Adelaide Institute (P.O. Box 3300, Norwood, 5067 Australia) reports that two leading…

Good-bye Harvard, Hello JDL

In the last two issues of SR, we reported on the emergence of a new player in the “watchdog” industry, a Web site that called itself (somewhat grandiloquently) “The Harvard Law School Library's Guide to Hate Groups on the Internet.” The “Guide” was of particular relevance, of course, because its listings included the Committee for…

Faurisson Trial Suspended

Yet another in the interminable round of prosecutions of Professor Robert Faurisson was suddenly halted on November 15 when Faurisson and his attorney, Eric Delcroix, challenged the constitutionality of France's repressive Loi Gayssot, which makes it a crime to dispute the historicity of the Nazi Holocaust. In an appeal that will be considered by France's…


Willis Carto The story on page one about the Carto-IHR stand-off in the Vista courtroom is hard news. There’s another side to the story that I suppose we can call soft news. The first week in November I had some business to take care of in Southern California and the next day, Tuesday the 5th,…

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