Crimes (non-Holocaust)

War crimes committed, distorted, exaggerated, or merely imagined. This does not cover the “Holocaust,” as it is not a war crime as such: the victims were not attacked during acts of warfare and as part of any identifiable belligerent nation.

Dresden Survivor Victor Gregg Blames Churchill for War Crimes (8: 28 min)

British Dresden survivor Victor Gregg accepts no excuses for the Allies' 1945 bombing of Dresden. He blames Attlee and Churchill for this war crime. Victor Gregg (1920 – 2021) wrote (with Rick Stroud) a three volume memoir of which the last was Dresden: A Survivor's Story. He joined the army when he was 18, joining the Rifle…

Air-Photo Evidence

A presentation by John C. Ball, in which he examines the aerial-photographical evidence of the alleged Holocaust. Following the trial of Canadian Ernst Zündel in the 1980s, Mr. Ball, also a Canadian, decided to try to locate forensic evidence detailing what had occurred at these camps during the war. Due to the passage of time,…

Holocaust Typhus and Zyklon B

Holocaust Typhus and Zyklon B This video (10 minutes) reports on the various methods used by the Germans to combat Typhus. Their main weapon was the use of a fumigant called Zyclon B [Zyclon is the German word for Cyclone] to kill lice, bugs, fleas and other vermin which carried the disease. This is a cyanide…

Were the 1945 Allied Bombings of Dresden Militarily Justified?

Numerous historians have argued that Dresden was a legitimate military target because it was one of the greatest commercial and transportation centers in Germany. Other historians state that the Dresden bombings resulted in needless civilian deaths that were not necessary to advance the Allied cause. This article discusses whether the Dresden bombings were militarily justified.

How Many Germans Died under RAF Bombs at Dresden in 1945?

Introduction The bombing of Dresden remains one of the deadliest and morally most-problematic raids of World War II. Three factors make the bombing of Dresden unique: 1) a huge firestorm developed that engulfed much of the city; 2) the firestorm engulfed a population swollen by refugees; and 3) defenses and shelters even for the original…

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