Crimes (non-Holocaust)

War crimes committed, distorted, exaggerated, or merely imagined. This does not cover the “Holocaust,” as it is not a war crime as such: the victims were not attacked during acts of warfare and as part of any identifiable belligerent nation.

Medical Experimentation at Dachau

The onset and escalation of World War II provided the rationale for most of Germany’s illegal human medical experimentation. Animal experimentation was known to be a poor substitute for experiments on humans. Since only analogous inferences could be drawn from animal experiments, the use of human experimentation during the war was deemed necessary to help…

The Allies Killed Millions of Germans After World War II

This is the little-known truth that the Allies killed millions of Germans after the surrender in World War II. In this video (one hour 36 minutes) the incredible story of the Allied "treatment" of German prisoners is investigated. It's bad. The author of "Other Losses", James Bacque, is interviewed, and he explains how the Allies treated their prisoners….

Steinmeier Apologizes

Germany's president Frank-Walter Steinmeier appeared at a monument to gay victims of National Socialism to ask for forgiveness for the suffering and injustice gays endured. Steinmeier spoke June 2nd in a ceremony marking the persecution of gays by the Hitler regime.Steinmeier claimed that more than 50,000 men were persecuted by the Nazis and were "tortured, sent to prisons and to concentration camps." Steinmeier went on to…

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