Author: Thomas Kues

Thomas Kues was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1981. He currently resides in central Sweden. he has an academic background in literature, linguistics and translation and is fluent in several languages, including English, German, Dutch and Japanese. he is frofessionally active as a freelance translator, and has been privately active as a revisionist writer since 2007. he is the author of some 50 articles related to holocaust revisionism, chiefly concerning the Aktion Reinhardt camps (Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka). Together with Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno he has co-authored the study Sobibór. Holocaust Propaganda and Reality (TBR Books 2010). He is also a frequent contributor to the Inconvenient History journal and Smith's Report, editor of the Inconvenient History revisionist webblog and the Swedish-language Sann Historia (Real History) webblog. His current research focuses on the issue of the real destination of the Jews allegedly gassed Jews in the "extermination camps" (presented in the ongoing Inconvenient History article series "Evidence for the Presence of 'Gassed' Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territories") and on the subject of the Einsatzgruppen.

Some Comments on the Gerstein Reports

Yitzhak Arad's use of Gerstein Yitzhak Arad is the author of Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps (Indiana University Press 1987), which is arguably the standard work on the three Aktion Reinhardt 'death camps'. In this book Arad spends a short chapter on 'The Mission of Gerstein and Pfannenstiel', wherein he quotes a…

Frank Stiffel – Super Survivor or Simple Fraud?

Frank Stiffel is not a very well-known "Holocaust survivor". His testimony is rarely referred to by orthodox Holocaust historians, if at all. Still, his memoirs are of interest to those researching the alleged mass extermination of Jews during World War II. First, because Mr. Stiffel claims to have survived Treblinka as well as Auschwitz. Second,…

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