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Whitewashing the Dachau Show Trials

The book Unsung Heroes of the Dachau Trials deals with the young Americans who were responsible for gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, apprehending suspects and securing convictions in trials held at Dachau conducted by the U.S. Army after WWII. This article discusses some of the mistakes and misunderstandings made by the author and the members of the 7708 War Crimes Group interviewed in this book.

Volunteer Help Wanted (Needed)

There was a time several years ago when I was a one-man band and managed the Project by myself. Over the last year it has simply outgrown that kind of management. The CODOH Web site is the most obvious example of the growth of the Project. If it were not for the volunteer work of…

Names: Do You Have Some that It Would be Good for Me to Have?

Nothing in this business is more important than names — names of individuals who are interested in revisionism and intellectual freedom. If you have the names and addresses of individuals you have reason to believe might want to know about Smith’s Report and read about the work we are doing, I would very much appreciate…

Help run my “Eisenhower” ad in student newspapers at universities around the country

Ask yourself, help those who work for the ADL ask themselves, where any of those charges are in the text of this ad. In truth, it resides only in the imaginations of those making the charges. In any event, why should any question about World War II and/or the Holocaust be considered “anti-Semitic?” The time…

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