No. 36 (Oct.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 36 · · October 1996

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  • Garaudy brings revisionism to the Arabs; Abbe Pierre stands fast in France
  • Smith and David Irving speak at IHR special meeting
  • A tale of two Harvards
  • From ordinary groundling text to cyberspace: how is it done?
  • Notes on the culture wars
  • Letters
  • and more!

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The Name of the Game?

The name of the game is names. Without an increasing number of subscribers to Smith’s Report, many of whom become contributors as well, I’m a dead duck. I want to thank those of you who responded to my last request for names by sending me several good lists over the summer. I’m beginning to get…

Revisionism to the World!

(Following is a partial list of the revisionist materials posted on CODOHWeb over the last 30 days, any of which I will send you in return for your contribution.) 9/29/96 David Irving's ACTION REPORT #10, German language (under construction.) Informationen für die Spender des Fonds. Herausgegeben von David Irvings weltweiten Rechtsverteidigungsfonds DIFF. 9/24/96 Swindler's Mist:…


Charles E. Weber. I was utterly astonished to find the statement on page 3 of SR: “SOR’s first issue will feature . . . the first full review of Daniel Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners by a revisionist publication anywhere.” My rather long review not only appeared in Christian News of 8 July, but all 13…

Notes on the Culture Wars

In an undated pitch for contributions. Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, writes of one of the Center’s many accomplishments: “When the 'revisionist' Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust placed slick, full-page ads in college and university newspapers all across the country denying the historical truth of the Holocaust,…

From Ordinary Groundling Text to Cyberspace: How Is It Done?

(Widmann is co-Webmaster of CODOHWeb, writer, and family man.) As co-Webmaster of CODOHWeb, I am constantly receiving articles from around the world to consider for posting to our website. Many revisionist articles are first published in some print format before being considered for the trip to cyberspace. But what exactly does it take to transform…

A Tale of Two Harvards

This summer the Harvard Law Library began disseminating, on the World Wide Web, something called “The Harvard Law School Library's Guide to Hate Groups on the Internet.” The “Guide” rounds up the usual suspects, including “Skinheads,” “Neo-Nazis,” “White Power,” and the like, and excludes the usual non-suspects, such as the Jewish Defense League, which has…

Garaudy Brings Revisionism to the Arabs

Roger Garaudy, the 83-year-old French intellectual currently being prosecuted in France for the revisionist chapters of his book on Zionism, has defied his accusers by boldly bringing his theses to the attention of the Arab world. This summer the former French Communist Party theoretician traveled to Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt to discuss that book, Les…

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