No. 37 (Nov.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 37 · · November 1996

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  • Bad news, good news: how revisionism and revisionists stand today
  • “Censoring Irving would make the Nazis proud”
  • CODOH friends bring revisionism to pages of prominent D.C. Mideast journal
  • A small revisionist typhoon hovers over Japan by Aiji Kimura
  • Roger Garaudy and Abbe Pierre take a few “steps back” by Robert Faurisson
  • Revisionist assault from the air on Birkenau and other camps!
  • and more!

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Revisionism to the World!

Following is a partial list of the revisionist materials posted on CODOHWeb over the last 30 days, as well as a couple which were published earlier and have been of exceptional interest. If you’re on-line, you can download them at no cost. If you are not on-line, we make print-outs of every Web article, column…

Correspondence. Correction

Correspondence. I have a pile of correspondence to attend to that's about a foot high. The truth of the matter is that, while I want to hear from you, and while I read every letter that crosses my desk, I am unable to answer your letters unless they pertain to business of the utmost importance…

Revisionist Assault from the Air on Birkenau and Other Camps!

(Widmann studied English and Statistics at major American universities. He is an occasional contributor to Smith's Report and is currently co-Webmaster of CODOHWeb.) A major event for revisionism in the world of the Internet occurred in October. John Ball, author of Air Photo Evidence and The Ball Report, has brought photographic documentation which destroys various…

Roger Garaudy and Abbé Pierre Take a Few “Steps Back”

SR’s October issue is excellent. Unfortunately, as for the good article on Garaudy and Abbé Pierre, some rectifications are necessary. The two men recanted more or less. The book that Garaudy sells now as a “Samizdat” is different from the first edition which was published by Pierre Guillaume and which caused such a hullabaloo. Although…

CODOH Friends Bring Revisionism to Pages of Prominent D.C. Mideast Journal

While French intellectual Roger Garaudy was bringing the case for Holocaust revisionism to Arab audiences, American revisionists—with supporters and friends of the Committee on Open Debate of the Holocaust in the lead—have been debunking the Holocaust myth in the pages of a leading proponent of an even-handed U.S. policy in the Middle East. The Washington…

Bad News, Good News

Holocaust Education. September 26: on the Canadian prairie, an obscure former high school teacher, James Keegstra, is sentenced to a year in prison (suspended) – for introducing his students to a different side of the Holocaust question nearly 20 years ago. October 22: in Paris an attorney, Eric Delcroix, is fined over 20,000 francs for…

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