No. 193 (Sep.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 193 · · September 2012

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Mistress Sara Bloomfield of the USHMM and the Codoh Campus Project. By Bradley Smith
  • Fragments: Another Ordinary Life. By Bradley R. Smith
  • ARSCH, BITTE! By Carlos Porter
  • Survivor Guilt. By Jett Rucker
  • The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism. By Chris Crookes
  • The Wise Old Man at CSU-Northridge. By Zan Overall

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Inconvenient History, Fall 2012, Vol. 4, No. 3

The latest issue of Inconvenient History, A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry, is now available online. This issue is jammed with material that the court historians will be sure to find inconvenient to their crumbling version of contemporary history. We kick off with an examination of the fact that Ellis Island, typically thought of…

The Wise Old Man at CSU-Northridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, I walked into the offices of the CSUN student newspaper, The Sundial, to discuss the rejection of Bradley's ad, a text link that reads: “Holocaust History: the Question of Academic Conformity.” I encountered Nicole Maddocks, the person who had communicated the rejection to Bradley. It turned out that, in spite of…

Fragments—Another Ordinary Life

*** From Germar Rudolf: Just read your piece on “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”. I read “The First 49 Stories” by Hemmingway (a book featuring his first 49….) while in prison, The Snows being a part of it. I was amazed to read your first positive remarks about that story and your disappointment upon viewing the…

Mistress Sara Bloomfield of the USHMM and the Codoh Campus Project

Ms. Sara Bloomfield, Mistress of the mighty United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has sent an appeal nationwide asking for donations to “Confront Holocaust Denial.” Mistress Bloomfield singles out the work of Bradley Smith and CODOH to establish, yet again, how the publication of simple advertisements in student newspapers puts at risk everything her monumental Holocaust-promoting…

Survivor Guilt

Survivor guilt” has come into popular usage as an irrational complex on the part of those among a very small number of people who, by sheer happenstance, have emerged alive from a disaster that took the lives of many others who seem to have deserved no less (or more) to have survived than the survivors…

Zan Overall: “The Wise Old Man”

This is the moment to introduce Mr. Zan Overall, “The Wise Old Man.” Zan is working with me on the Cal State Northridge campus. Zan is a straightforward, out-front activist—never mind that he is 87 years old—who shows up at such venues as the Academy Awards ceremonies and the Stephen S. Wise Temple with placards…

Arsch, bitte!

Document 343-USSR, OKW Decree, 20 July 1942: All Soviet Prisoners of War Are to Be Tattooed for Identification Purposes. IMT Vol. 39, pp. 488-491 Document 343, OKW Decree, 20 July 1942: Photocopy of a mimeograph, certified by the Soviet prosecutors, in two parts. First page: 1 next to “Certified True Copy” at *; round stamp…

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