Carto, Willis A.

The Grand Patriarch of the “Old Right” in the postwar United States.

Made in Russia The Holocaust by Carlos Whitlock Porter (1:50:40)

Made in Russia – The Holocaust by Carlos Whitlock Porter. Carlos Whitlock Porter is an American born writer. He is a translator by profession and speaks many languages. In 1984, he became stateless. He has studied the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie since 1976. He has written The Chemistry of the Holocaust (1978) and in 1988 brought…

Remembering Willis Carto

CODOH's Comments This article is a mirror of the original as posted on the Counter Currents website ( We have received critical remarks regarding some of Mrs. Metroland's statements which, some believe, should not be endorsed by CODOH, in particular her sentence: “Back in the Fifties, when Bill Buckley and his National Review crew were…

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