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Auschwitz in British Radio Intercepts

With the permission of Castle Hill, Inconvenient History prints in this issue, without further ado, the Introduction and the first subchapter of Part One of Carlo Mattogno’s most recent study, The Making of the Auschwitz Myth: Auschwitz in British Intercepts, Polish Underground Reports and Postwar Testimonies (1941-1947). On the Genesis and Development of the Gas-Chamber…

Special Treatment in Auschwitz

Item Properties Published by: Uckfield: Castle Hill Publishers ISBN: 978-1-59148-142-3 Pages: 174 Edition No.: 2, corrected and updated Release Date: 7/2016 Illustrations: 37 b+w Features: Index, Bibliography Appearing in German wartime documents in the context of the “Holocaust,” terms like “special treatment,” “special action,” and others have usually been interpreted as code words that signify…

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