The Talmud, or the “oral law” of Judaism, is rejected by some groups, partly accepted by others, and is considered supreme within Jewish Orthodoxy. Contributions in this section deal with some awkward aspects of this oral law.

The Vexing ‘Jewish Question’

Although today it is considered tactless if not hateful to speak openly of a “Jewish question,” the often thorny matter of relations between Jews and non-Jews in society is a real issue that has bedeviled countless governments and scholars for centuries. In the following essay, a prominent British scholar tackles this issue with a forthrightness,…

Thought Experiment

Suppose one day you opened your Sunday paper and found out that a bunch of activist Christians had gotten together and taken out an ad declaring that Judaism was not responsible for the Russian Revolution. You would probably think they were a little bit crazy to even say that, the second thing you might think…

Swindler’s Mist: Spielberg’s Fraud in Schindler’s List

Hollywood illusionist Steven Spielberg's mendacious anti-German libel, Schindler's List, is based upon a novel, that is to say, a work of fiction, titled in its first edition, Schindler's Ark, by the Australian writer Thomas Keneally (the book's name was later altered to coincide with the title of the movie). Keneally's work is riddled with errors….

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