Executive Fired for Translating “Journal” Items

Because she helped translate three reference articles published in The Journal of Historical Review, a long-time executive of the German National Tourist Office in New York has been dismissed. Michael Kranefeld, Regional Manager of the Office, announced on May 9 the immediate dismissal of its manager of sales promotions, Elke Berg, who is also the…

Prisoners of Conscience and Holocaust Revisionism

President George W. BushThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NWWashington, DC 20500 December 28, 2005 Dear President Bush, In a public statement issued on December 10, 2005 , you called for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoners of conscience by the Syrian authorities, labeling the imprisonment of these individuals as an example of the government…

The Anatomy of a Hoax

Often, a bogus charge of anti-Semitism (or racism) is made because of values or opinions or beliefs expressed in a public forum. Consider the case of one Thomas Speers of Waterbury, CT, whose expression of free speech, ironically, landed him in court at the behest of the the radio talk show host whose program Speers…

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