No. 52 (Mar.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 52 · · March 1998

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016


  • CODOH Cuts a Swath through Swarthmore College
  • Holocaust Museums Come Under Attack from Washington to Berlin
  • World Scope
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center: Defending the Holocaust Faith
  • Roger Garaudy convicted of “revisionism,” fined $40,000
  • and more!

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed below.

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The Home Front. Other Stuff

It’s been a nice month. Four storms passed through. My office is on the second floor and I can walk out on the terraza and see in three directions. To the west we are the fourth house from the end of the street. Beyond a concrete block wall are fields a quarter mile across and…

Roger Garaudy Convicted of “Revisionism,” Fined $40,000

As this issue of Smith’s Report was being readied for press, we received the news from Paris that Roger Garaudy was convicted on February 27 of violating France’s law against contesting the Holocaust story. The 83-year-old Frenchman, who had to contend with legal attacks from ten different Jewish associations as well as with the state…


I found your Web page and was deeply moved. Do you know the story, surely apocryphal, about Mozart discovering the music of J.S. Bach? According to the story Mozart was already an established composer by the time of this discovery (which was quite possible, given Bach’s obscurity as a composer in those days), and after…

Internet Roundup

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) of Los Angeles has once again smeared and slurred revisionists. It should come as no surprise to readers of Smith’s Report that SWC has done so by its continued hateful misuse of the “hate” label. Working from its own volatile equation (Hate + Fear = $), the SWC has now…

World Scope

SR reader Manfred Roeder gets around: last September he was badly beaten by leftist thugs while demonstrating against a traveling exhibition that seeks to smear Germany’s WWII Wehrmacht with “Holocaust” calumnies long reserved for the SS. Despite severe cuts, a concussion, and a broken finger, Roeder was back in the streets agitating against the defamatory…

Holocaust Museums Come under Attack from Washington to Berlin

In recent weeks and months. Holocaust museums and proposed Holocaust museums have encountered unprecedented criticism and reversals, in the United States, in Canada, and in Germany. While the critics have neither expressed nor been motivated by full-throttle Holocaust revisionism, they have nevertheless objections that are implicitly revisionist. Take the fall of Walter Reich, who was…


Last summer when we arrived in Baja I began thinking about what problems might come up because of my work with revisionism, who should know what my work is, how much they should know, was it going to be different here than it was in the States, and so on. One day my daughter Paloma…

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