No. 19 (Jan.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 19 · · Winter 1992

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  • A Dangerous New Axis Emerges in the United States and Russia
  • Offense or Defense?
  • Softening 'em up
  • The Christmas Letter
  • ADL Dedicates Booklet to CODOH
  • Pamphleteers
  • Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics
  • and more!

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed

If any single contributions of this issue are available as html documents, they will be listed below.

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Revisionist Materials

The following advertisement of material CODOH used to distribute is no longer valid, since CODOH does not currently possess any of these materials. We post it here only because it was printed in this issue of Smith's Report. Editor's remark. While CODOH is not a publisher, it's activities do produce documents and other materials which…

David Cole’s 46 Unanswered Questions about the Gas Chambers

David has spent the best part of four years studying the physical evidence for the gassing chambers. That effort, together with a real need on the part of revisionists and mainstream historians as well, informed both his trips to Europe. Now he has worked out a series of questions (not assertions) about that physical evidence….


In the last issue of SR I announced excitedly that I had my own radio talk show on W.A.L.E.-AM in Providence Rhode Island. It appeared to be an unmatched opportunity to promote revisionist theory on radio. I fully expected to develop an audience quickly, to cause a scandal all over the Northeast, become a national…

U. The National College Magazine

Student journalists at Northwestern and University of Oregon, a professor of communications at University of Miami, and a student editor at Western Michigan tell me they are doing papers or projects on CODOH's Campus Project. The piece by the Western Michigan reporter will appear in part in U. The National College Magazine, in its January…

SALON: A Journal of Aesthetics

SALON is a small independent periodical published out of Fort Collins, Colorado. It's edited by a very independent and thoughtful lady named Pat Hartman. Each issue is devoted to one theme. One day recently out of the blue, I received issue #22 of SALON by post. Its theme is Freedom of Expression, and most of…


“Revising the Twentieth Century” by John Lukacs appeared in the September 1994 issue of American Heritage. It discusses four waves of revisionism occurring during the century, the most recent coming from the “so-called right” and beginning in the mid-1980s in Germany. The “main figures have been German professional historians who, while unwilling to whitewash Hitler…

Beyond What?

A reader writes to thank me for an audio cassette of a radio program I hosted on W.A.L.E. AM, then goes on to ask, again, “When are you going to challenge the Jews beyond the Holocaust …?” I don't expect I ever will. That's never been in the cards for me, and I have always…

ADL Dedicates Booklet to CODOH

“Holocaust Denial, A Pocket Guide,” published be the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, is forthrightly intended to short-circuit the success the Campus Project is having on college campuses. The booklet was prepared by Marc Caplan, Research Analyst, and Alan M. Schwartz. Director, of the Anti-Defamation League's “Research and Evaluation Department.” Its opening paragraph reads: “One…

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