Allied Atrocities: Deliberate policy of mass starvation

Published: 1947-01-01

Senator Homer E. Capeheart of Indiana in an address before the United States Senate on February 5, 1946:

"The fact can no longer be suppressed, namely, the fact that it has been and continues to be, the deliberate policy of a confidential and conspirational clique within the policy-making circles of this government to draw and quarter a nation now reduced to abject misery.

In this process this clique, like a pack of hyenas struggling over the bloody entrails of a corpse, and inspired by a sadistic and fanatical hatred, are determined to destroy the German nation and the German people, no matter what the consequences.

At Potsdam the representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics solemnly signed the following declaration of principles and purposes:

'It is not the intention of the Allies to destroy or enslave the German people.'

Mr. President, the cynical and savage repudiation of these solemn declarations which has resulted in a major catastrophe, cannot be explained in terms of ignorance or incompetence. This repudiation, not only of the Potsdam Declaration, but also of every law of God and men, has been deliberately engineered with such a malevolent cunning, and with such diabolical skill, that the American people themselves have been caught in an international death trap.

For nine months now this administration has been carrying on a deliberate policy of mass starvation without any distinction between the innocent and the helpless and guilty alike.

The first issue has been and continues to be purely humanitarian. This vicious clique within this administration that has been responsible for the policies and practices which have made a madhouse of central Europe has not only betrayed our American principles, but they have betrayed the Gis who have suffered and died, and they continue to betray the American Gis who have to continue their dirty work for them.

The second issue that is involved is the effect this tragedy in Germany has already has already had on the other European countries. Those who have been responsible for this deliberate destruction of the German state and this criminal mass starvation of the German people have been so zealous in their hatred that all other interests and concerns have been subordinated to this one obsession of revenge. In order to accomplish this it mattered not if the liberated countries in Europe suffered and starved. To this point this clique of conspirators have addressed themselves: "Germany is to be destroyed. What happens to other countries of Europe in the process is of secondary importance."

Ralph Franklin Keeling, Gruesome Harvest: The Allies Postwar War Against the German People, Institute of American Economics (Chicago) 1947, p. 75-76

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Title: Allied Atrocities: Deliberate policy of mass starvation
Sources: "Gruesome Harvest: The Allies Postwar War Against the German People", Institute of American Economics (Chicago) 1947, p. 75f.
Published: 1947-01-01
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