Nazi Concentration Camps 1945 Documentary Actual Propaganda Film Used in Nuremberg Trials.

Published: 2020-04-29

Propaganda video (59 minutes) made by the Allies for the Nuremberg "Trials". Bogus claims abound. George H Stevens made this film but only used 7.5% of the footage shot. 

Leipzig - 12 SS men supposed to have burnt to death 200 political prisoners.

Penig - Nazis, including Medics forced to look after the victims.

Ohrdruf - The Nazis supposed to have killed 4,000 political prisoners. Local people, including medics are forced to tour the camp and view "their" crimes, which are read to them. 

Hadamar - 15,000 killed in gas chamber (False). After 10,000 were killed it was claimed by the Allies that the staff had a party. 

Breendonck - Germans used sticks with barbed wire to keep order.

Hannover - 9,800 Poles were killed by the Germans, only 200 survived.

Arnstadt - Local people forced to exhume the bodies of buried inmates.

Nordhausen - The Germans are supposed to have killed 3,000 political prisoners. Six hundred local people are forced to bury the dead.

Mauthausen - an "extermination camp" (False). US prisoner claims that prisoners were gassed, killed by cold water, killed by dogs, pushed over cliffs. (False)

Buchenwald - founded in 1933 (False - actually 1937) an "extermination factory" (False). The crematorium could cremate 400 bodies in 10 hours (False). Twelve hundred Germans are forced to view the corpses by the crematorium. Human skin is used by the Germans to make lampshades (False) and "canvas" on which obscene images are made (False). The Germans also shrunk the heads of two Poles. (False).

Dachau - Well fed prisoners bury the dead. Local people are forced to view the dead inmates. A shower bath (Brausebad) is misrepersented as a "gas chamber". The lethal "gas chamber" is shown (False). The gas vents and intake pipes for the Zyclon B gas are shown (False).  

Belsen - A Jewish Doctor (Ada Bimko) makes a few bogus claims. She later perjured herself at the Belsen-Auschwitz trial by claiming she had seen German records detailling 4,000,000 cremations at Auschwitz. She also claimed that a SS cook had shot a male inmate dead in her deposition, but then testified it was a woman when she appeared in court. She claims here that Josef Kramer had also kept most of the chocolate for himself.  She claimed medical experiments and forced sterilizations. The film claims that the guards were taken before they had time to flee (False - there was a local truce of which the Allies broke). SS men and female staff were forced to bury typhus victims without PPE of which many died. A US Bulldozer driven by a British soldier is shown in a staged propaganda shot, pushing a pile of corpses into a pit, after the local truce was broken by the British.



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Title: Nazi Concentration Camps 1945 Documentary Actual Propaganda Film Used in Nuremberg Trials.
Published: 2020-04-29
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