Elie Wiesel and His Geysers-of-Blood Dementia

Published: 1992-12-01

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In my book Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Part I, I noted that Elie Wiesel claims "there is eyewitness evidence" that, when the Germans executed some Soviet citizens at Babi Yar in Ukraine, the cadavers of those that were Jews, in a unique protest against their ill-treatment, "spurted geysers of blood from their graves for months after they were buried." I've suggested that, if Elie Wiesel really believes this craziness, he's in desperate need of deep therapy.

A Texas writer, Mitchell Jones, finds the story quite credible and my mocking it to be irrational and anti- Jewish. Jones publishes a newsletter, My Response (21st Century Logic, 150 E. Whitestone #148-329, Cedar Park, TX 78613), in which he tries to discredit holocaust revisionism.

One thread that runs through Jones' writing concerns the qualities of his own brain, which he believes to be a stunning organ. Reading Jones on his own intellect, I begin to see an image or a movie horse in a Hollywood studio, preening before his mirror, admiring his putz. This show horse sees his own organ as being stronger, more virile, more flexible, more sensitive, more pliable, larger and more potent than the organ of any other nag on the lot.

Several years ago Jones and I spoke on the telephone. I can't recall why, but I do recall that after a while, in what seemed to me pretty much off the wall, he started talking about how Jews are more intelligent than Gentiles. I thought he was joking, but while I was still laughing happily he began defending his thesis. Maybe Jones is right. Maybe guys like Elie Wiesel aren't really Jewish.

With regard to the geyser-of-blood story, where dead Jews are pumping geysers of blood from their graves for months after they are buried, Jones writes (MR 57) that I should approach the story objectively, maintain an open mind, and try to find out what the facts really are.

The other night my six-year-old, Paloma, asked me if it's true that the cow jumped over the moon. I recalled Mitchell Jones's advice about keeping an open mind, so I told her I didn't think so but I couldn't prove that the heifer either did or didn't and that I would open a file on the story.

Why does Mitchell Jones believe that Elie is right about his geysers-of-blood story?

"I did the research that Smith should have done."

Did he go to wartime-generated documents? Not even close. When you have an organ as pliable as Mitchell's, secondary sources quoting unsupported affidavits are all you need. He quotes The Final Solution by Gerald Reitlinger and Babi Yar by Anatyoli Kuznetsov.

First, he theorizes a little. "...the Babi-Yar Massacre occurred on Sept. 29-30, 1941, in the Jewish cemetery outside Kiev. After the bodies of some 35.000 Jews had been buried in a mass grave, the ground froze over and remained frozen until spring (emphasis mine). Result: in March 1942, when the spring thaw occurred, the accumulated pressure from the gases generated by tens of thousands of putrefying bodies was released at the surface in the form of hundreds of small explosions. Logically [he writes] such explosions would have produced geysers of earth, water, mud, and/or blood... Hundreds of people doubtlessly [sic] witnessed these explosions, and some of their comments have been recorded for posterity. One example is the following:

"In March, 1942, Albert Hartel, a Gestapo expert on church affairs, was driving with [SS Colonel Paul] Blobel... At the Babi Yar ravine Hartel noticed small explosions which threw up columns of earth. It was the thaw, releasing the gases from thousands of bodies, and Blobel explained: 'Here my Jews are buried.'" (Reitlinger, pg. 234-235.)

"Since this description refers to 'columns of earth' rather than 'geysers of blood,' it is clearly not the source to which Wiesel referred in [my emphasis] The Jews of Silence. Nevertheless, it provides a rational explanation for Wiesel's statement," and "utterly destroys Bradley Smith's insinuation that Wiesel is insane." [my emphasis]

"Utterly destroys...?" I don't think so, Mitchell.

Aside from Jones' comic note that Blobel's alleged statement is "clearly not the source" of the statement that Jones wants to prove—it isn't even Blobel who says Blobel said "Here my Jews are buried." After the war, when Hartel's neck was on the line in a war crimes trial, Hartel signed an affidavit that says Blobel said it. Maybe Blobel did say it. How is Jones going to demonstrate that Blobel said it? Is he going to try?

What is the "original research" that this Texas maven, Mitchell ("vibrant putz") Jones did to support his theory about the gruund freezing at Babi Yar (maybe ten, twenty or thirty foot deep or maybe deeper) soon after September 30 so that the blood of 35,000 corpses did not disperse into the ground but remained in the those talented Jewish cadavers so they could put on their geyser show the following spring?

Here Jones quotes from Anatoli Kuznetsov's Babi Yar, where Anatoli recalls that on Sept. 28, 1941, the day before the alleged massacre took place, "it was a cold day with a lot of wind..." So there you have it. The 28th was a cold and windy day. With that Jones has all the information he needs to support his ground-freezing-and-thawing analysis of the ravine at Babi Yar. What more does such a man need?

"It didn't have to turn out that way, of course," Jones writes, "but it did."

Jones simply ignors the text. Elie didn't write that the cadavers waited for months after the alleged killings to begin their unique exhibition. He wrote, "... for months after the killings..." That is, for months following the killings.

I suspect Jones has a theory about this. Maybe the tens of thousands of Jewish cadavers allegedly buried at Babi Yar called a meeting there under ground, took a vote and decided to hold their breaths to prohibit all excess bleeding and wait until the ground froze over and then thawed out again the following spring so they could spurt out their excellent geysers-of-blood show for the benefit of Albert Hartel.

In any event, this is much too much about much too little. The real question is: did the Germans massacre Jews at Babi Yar? If so, did they do it for no reason other than that they were Jews? Is Babi Yar proof, or even evidence, that the German State had a policy to murder all the Jews of Europe? I don't think it's even close.

My view, and I'm willing to be convinced that I'm wrong, is that Elie Wiesel can't be trusted, that he's a fool, and that he's probably something worse.

Sorry, Mitchell. Maybe some day, with that magnificent organ you like to play around with so, you'll be able to convince me I'm wrong. You're going to have to do a lot better than your "it-was-a-cold-and-windy-day" ejaculation, however.

The "Holocaust" controversy is at the heart of the cultural wars being fought out on our college campuses. The alleged genocide of the European Jews by a European State on the European continent half a century ago is still, incredibly, a primary weapon used by the progressive forces in their struggle against liberty and a free press here in America.

So I don't want to be too hard on Mitchell Jones. He does what the Shelly Shapiros, the Elie Wiesels and the rest of that crowd of censors and back-biters have no stomach for. He debates revisionists. He wants to debate me. I suggest he debate Butz, Faurisson or someone who has done some real work. I promote debate among others, some of whom, with a little luck, will have informed themselves on the matters to hand.

Now that Jones has, in fact, come into the debate, he has chosen to stand on the side of the State and with the rich and influential against a handful of researchers and scholars scattered almost invisibly over the nations of the West. It isn't the revisionists who are the problem for this society, but the Culture Police who sniff through revisionist writings looking for heresy, their media rack of slander and lies waiting in the background for those who refuse to recant, kneel and convert to the dominant beliefs of the culture.

One Last Note on Babi Yar: The Polish Historical Society has published a booklet entitled A Fact Sheet on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Babi Yar Massacre (PHS, 91 Strawberry Hill Ave., Suite 1038, Stamford, CT 06902).

Edited by Marek Wolski, it contains chapters on, among related matters, "The first message about the massacre of Jews of Kiev," and "Nuremberg International Military Tribunal Ignores Soviet Babi Yar and Katyn Testimonies."

In this section it's noted that the "first post-war mention of the Babi Yar massacre in the New York Times took place on February 14, 1968..."

With the Times, then, the primary holocaust scandal sheet in America, Babi Yar was something of an after-thought. A twenty-seven-years-after afterthought. When you look into the story, you begin to understand why.

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