CODOH’s Christmas Message 2021

Published: 2021-12-19

Face Mask with Elon Musk quote Face Mask with Elon Musk quote: "The Don't Ban Hate Speech, They Ban Speech They Hate"

As every year, please allow us to report to all our fans, patrons, followers, customers and supporters the activities we were engaged in during the year 2021:

This Year at the CODOH Board

In 2021, CODOH went on the offensive against proposed legislation criminalizing discussion of the Holocaust.
In Iceland, Leftist member of the Althing, Rósa Björk Brynjólfsdóttir, introduced legislation adding a toxic paragraph to the Icelandic General Penal Code. The proposed expansion read:
“Anyone who publicly denies, grossly disregards, or attempts to justify or accept genocide perpetrated by the German Nazi Party during World War II shall be subject to fines or imprisonment for up to 2 years.”
A small handful of CODOH activists, working with Icelandic groups, sent in well-written letters to the Althing. It was enough to deflect the latest Leftist attempt at thought control. Ms. Brynjólfsdóttir's legislation fizzled out in committee.
This success can be attributed to the educated and phlegmatic nature of the Icelanders. Their experience with British invasion in 1940 and their vast fishing industry has given them a heightened ability to sense the rotten smell of propaganda.
In Ireland, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee issued a 54-page report on why "hate speech" should be criminalized. The report was filled with glossy pictures of laughing happy people; looking more like a travel brochure than a serious analysis of a sweeping new law directed at a basic human right. While claiming to be concerned with "the fundamental right to freedom of expression," Minister McEntee sought a major expansion in Irish law, namely the criminalization of mere intent or even "reckless" behavior:
"There should be no requirement for the material to be threatening, abusive or insulting in itself. This is a change from the 1989 Act which always requires the material itself to be threatening, abusive or insulting in nature. So, a broadcast or speech which is clearly designed to incite hatred, but is couched in polite or coded language, would be covered by the new offence."
The Minister knows how to detect wrongful thoughts lurking beneath a polite exterior. This mind-boggling gap between a sunny prissiness and a sinister thought-control law should earn Helen McEntee the 2021 Dolores-Umbridge-Award for Thought-Control Legislation.
In both Ireland and Iceland, these extremist laws fizzled out in committee. In neither case were our opposition letters made public, although in Ireland, the comments of the public were supposed to be printed. Nevertheless, our letters were a light of rationality shining in the face of absurd erosion of Irish and Icelandic freedom. With CODOH members willing to stand up in public and politely ask simple clear questions the whole matter became too complicated for the politicians.
Censorship laws and particularly laws in defense of Holocaust Belief are on the books mainly because no one opposes them. The average politician has little idea of the extensive revisions of orthodox history since the Nuremberg Trials, and even less concern with the matter. But if there is a persistent demand to pass criminal laws, the politicians will eventually give in. The lesson of Ireland and Iceland is that organized and polite opposition to laws in defense of Holocaust Belief can be effective. Don't expect the politicians to defend your freedom! You need to do your part! Thought-control laws need to be caught early in the process, so keep your eyes open for legislation introduced on "denial," and let us know what is being proposed and where to send our letters.
In late 2021, we implemented a first test run of our new “High-School Project.” Modeled after Bradley Smith's "Campus Project," this project will appeal to still open-minded individuals in the nation's high schools. As Holocaust believers poison the minds of all high-school students by making hate-filled books such as Elie Wiesel’s mega fraud Night compulsory reading for all high-school students in the U.S., we strive to administer the antidote, or at least make the students of our nation aware that there is indeed “another point of view.” The project is still in the testing phase. As soon as we have more specifics, we will share them.

The Dialectic of Freedom

CODOH founder Bradley Smith saw Holocaust Revisionism as part of a greater struggle for rationality and truth. The ability to discuss and debate was not only a fundamental human characteristic but essential for sane government and a fair society. Political free speech is not just a personal right but, more importantly, a bulwark against tyranny. Oppression and free speech cannot exist in the same room. Oppressors always try to erode the right to speak. As Bradley put it, one certain sign of bigotry [is] the unwillingness to listen to the other, or to even allow the other to speak.
Following Bradley's lead, CODOH will continue to fan the flames of debate and discussion and oppose bigotry and ignorance. We can use all the help we can get.

This Year at Castle Hill Publishers

We had to deal with two major obstacles this past years: The United Kingdom leaving the European Union at the end of 2020, and our credit-card processing partner cancelling our contract in early February without warning and explanation, although we all know that the usual enemies of free speech are behind that. Let me address this challenge first.
A couple of weeks afterwards our old credit-card-processing partner had bailed out on us, we entered into a new contract with a different provider, but the conditions as a “high-risk” business are awful, as they keep up to 15% of every credit-card transaction. As a result, we had to increase our prices earlier this year to cover that massive loss. Keep in mind that our “high risk” isn’t in any of our transactions ever going bad. In fact, in the more than 20 years of accepting credit-card payments, not a single transaction has ever gone bad. The risk is simply that they know we have no other option, and so they simply skin us alive. If I had the power to do so, I would actually declare debit and credit cards an illegal form of payment. By their very nature, they allow worldwide frauds on a multi-billion-dollar scale, as anyone knowing someone’s credit-card details can take the owner’s money out of their account and run with it. No system that allows just anyone to clean out someone else’s bank account should be legal. All legal payments methods should be a push method, where only the owner of a bank account can initiate a payment, but not some unidentified person simply transmitting a few numbers displayed on a credit card or a check. Furthermore, there is a string of companies involved in processing CC payments (merchant service providers, gateway service providers) who all take their unfair share of the payment, moreover adding insecurity to the system by allowing more people to get access to sensitive cc data. So, elect me President of the U.S., and I will instantly outlaw checks and credit cards as a payment method! Oh well, I am not even a U.S. citizen, so I guess that can’t happen…
In a sane and common-sense world of electronic interconnectedness, all it should take to make a payment is for the payees to tell their bank to wire a certain amount to the recipient’s bank, which could be done instantly, feeless, secure and without anyone else knowing anything about what is going on, hence with no way of any dirty censorship NGO (SPLC, ADL, you name them…) ruining people’s financial lives. Actually, that option has been implemented in the European Markets for a while (Germany has had it for decades), and the U.S. banks started following suit a few years ago with their “Zelle®” system. By now, most banks in the U.S. have joined that network designed to outcompete Paypal and the other fee skimmers. It allows any bank account holder to register any of their email addresses with their bank, then send money instantly, free of charge, securely and anonymously to any other email address. If that email address is registered by someone as a Zelle® email, the money will go into that person’s account instantly (the receiving bank will direct it there without the sending bank even knowing the account details). If this receiving email address is not registered with any bank as a Zelle® address, then the sending bank will send an email informing the recipient how the money can be retrieved anyway. Knowing someone’s Zelle® email address isn’t good for anything, as the Zelle® network uses this only to identify which bank an email address is registered with. It is not used to initiate any payment at all, hence won’t be of use to anyone. Every payment has to be initiated by the bank-account holder from their online banking account. It is a pure “push” system. No one can ever take money from anyone this way. Every payment must be given (pushed) by the owner. (Check the lists of banks participating in this program here:
CODOH and Castle Hill Publishers have registered their email [email protected] as their Zelle® email address. We encourage everyone residing in the U.S. NOT to pay anything with credit cards or checks anymore, but to place an order with the payment option “bank transfer”, then send the amount due through their online banking as a Zelle® payment to [email protected]. We receive a notification of this incoming payment within minutes at most. No one else will ever know that you paid, whom you paid, how much you paid, and what services you used to pay, and we will not know your bank info, nor will you know ours. The banks communicate between themselves in real time without exchanging bank account infos. The receiving(!) email address is used at the receiving bank to identify an account, and no one else needs to know anything! And no credit-card processing snakes-in-the-grass can skin us alive anymore! And no eternal enemy of free speech can ever bully anyone into ruining our business anymore!
Bingo! Game over for financial censorship!
If only everyone would do this, I would stop offering credit-card payments for U.S. residents as an option instantly…
Now to the second major challenge we faced this year: Brexit. So far, we have always shipped our books meant for the European market from the UK, as books are exempted from Value-Added Tax (VAT) in the UK, and shipping costs are generally low. With the UK no longer being in the EU, however, this business model has become untenable, because now all EU country’s customs authorities demand that our customers pay VAT for their orders. In theory, we could charge our customers VAT when they order from us (although that’s a challenge, considering that all EU countries have different VAT rates), and we then could pay that tax directly to the customs authorities, but that requires that we register as an exporter with the UK government, receive an ID for this, and report this ID to the EU, who then accept payments from us ahead of us sending our books out with a given and equally reported parcel ID. In case you don’t know where this is headed: Most EU countries have outlawed our books and are keen on confiscating and burning them on entry. If we inform them with our identity that we will import books into the EU with a given parcel, all the customs authorities have to do is wait for our parcel’s ID to pop up on their scanners, snatch them from the distribution system and burn them. Not good. Not paying our customer’s VAT has as a result that shipping gets delayed tremendously, as the customs authorities usually have big backlogs of such shipments, and because they will not release the books unless the receiver has paid the taxes due. On occasion, they even open a parcel to see that what is declared on the outside (books of a certain value) is really on the inside, and if they do, they see the nature of the books and – snap – confiscate them and initiate a criminal investigation a) against the sender (us, but we don’t give a rat’s ass) and b) against the receiver. Although case b) usually doesn’t go anywhere, since ordering single copies of “illegal” books isn’t a crime, still, how is that for an invitation to our EU customers to ever order anything from us again? Of course, we are working on implementing a solution, but this is still an arduous work in progress.
I apologize for this lengthy rant, but I thought it is important for everyone to know the enormous challenges we are struggling with every day to keep this operation afloat.
Now to the more-pleasant side of this past year’s activities: our new book releases.

Carlo Mattogno: Die Schaffung des Auschwitz-Mythos/The Making of the Auschwitz Myth (January 2021)
As announced in last year’s Christmas newsletter, this book was released in a German translation right at the beginning of 2021, with a second, corrected English edition being released around the same time. Since I described this already in last year’s blurb, I will leave it at that.

Die Schaffung des Auschwitz-Mythos

Carlo Mattogno: Rudolf Reder gegen Kurt Gerstein / Rudolf Reder versus Kurt Gerstein (January/February 2021)
In 1989, The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) published the PhD thesis of French historian Henry Roques titled The 'Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein, a critical analysis of a pivotal “eyewitness” account about the alleged Belzec Extermination Camp. For many years now, this book has been out of print. For a while we considered asking the IHR for a license to put this book back in print, as we have done before with Stäglich’s The Auschwitz Myth and Sanning’s Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry. However, considering that the book, originally written in French in the mid-1980s, was in need of some serious updates, and that Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno had himself written a study on Gerstein that was published in 1985 (Il rapporto Gerstein: Anatomia di un falso), we decided to ask him to write a new, updated study. Yet instead of regurgitating what he himself and Roques had stated neatly some 35 years ago, he expanded on the theme by including the other witness of the Belzec Extermination Camp, Rudolf Reder (yes, there are only two essential witnesses about this camp!), and write a comparative analysis of these two witness accounts, which are both highly contradictory in many regards, and highly implausible in their own way. We issued it in both German and English editions in short order, profiting from the synergy effects such dual translations bring about. This is Volume 43 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Rudolf Reder versus Kurt Gerstein

Castle Hill Publishers: The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction (January 2021)
After having issued a German version of this brochure first, we launched an English translation of it early this year, with several updated editions released since. This is an inexpensive, attractive information brochure on the Holocaust that can serve to educate the masses. It gives a condensed overview of the latest research results of critical historians on the Holocaust, and contains references to a wide range of resources where the reader can find more on the subject. The PDF version is available free of charge. This brochure replaces our book program, and we strive to add a copy of it in each parcel they send out to new customers, and to some of our returning customers as well.

The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction

Paul Rassinier: Was nun, Odysseus? (January 2021)
Our project to relaunch all of Paul Rassinier’s books has made further progress with the release of this slender book offering the text of a presentation Rassinier gave in the early 1960s while touring Germany, plus a few other texts. Out project to publish English editions of these books is hampered by a lack of volunteers helping to get them translated…

Was nun, Odysseus?

Carlo Mattogno: Sonderkommando Auschwitz I (English and German) (April 2021)
Mattogno believes that witness statements are so unreliable that in the past he has refused to give them the prominent attention of devoting major monographs to them – a few exceptions notwithstanding (such as Rudolf Höss (HH Vol. 35) and Miklós Nyiszli (Vol. 37)). However, the average reader will always ask “But what about those witnesses?” So, I kept prodding Mattogno for a few dedicated studies on selected witnesses and their claims. His Gerstein/Reder book listed above was a start, and this one analyzes the statements of nine individuals claiming to have served in the so-called “Sonderkommando” at Auschwitz, who are said to have done the dirty work of dragging the corpses out of homicidal gas chambers and burning them in cremation furnaces or on pyres. This book appeared almost simultaneously both in English and German. A second study of a similar type (Sonderkommando Auschwitz II) is slated to appear sometime in 2022. This is Volume 44 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Sonderkommando Auschwitz I

Carlo Mattogno: Deliveries of Coke, Wood and Zyklon B to Auschwitz (English and German) (May 2021)
Carlo Mattogno released the Italian version of this book in 2015, and we had it for translation since 2016, but our first attempt at translating it resulted in a major snafu, as an entire section with calculations about coke deliveries and consumption was plagued with highly speculative extrapolations and flawed math which did not pass peer review. Only in early 2021 did Carlo Mattogno agree to delete this entire flawed section, so we finally could wrap up this project. This is Volume 40 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks, which appeared almost simultaneously both in English and German.

Deliveries of Coke, Wood and Zyklon B to Auschwitz

Carlo Mattogno: Bungled: “The Destruction of the European Jews” (English and German) (May 2021)
Back in 1999, Swiss revisionist Jürgen Graf wrote a slender book titled The Giant with Feet of Clay, in which he analyzed the late Raul Hilberg’s massive work The Destruction of the European Jews, which is considered a standard work on the Holocaust by the mainstream to this day. Graf’s study being not very substantial and by now quite outdated, we decided to replace it with a more thorough, up-to-date study written by Carlo Mattogno, which he had submitted to us for translation already in 2016. For this edition, it was again revised and updated. This is the new Volume 3 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks, which appeared almost simultaneously both in English and German.

Bungled: “The Destruction of the European Jews”

Carlo Mattogno: The "Operation Reinhardt" Camps Treblinka, Sobibór, Belzec (English and German) (July 2021)
As Volume 28 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks, we used to have a massive two-volume work of more than 1,300 pages in total which was a point-by-point critique of an obscure 700+-page-thick PDF file posted online as a mainstream “refutation” of revisionist arguments regarding the camps Treblinka, Sobibór and Belzec. Basically no one ever bought it, as it was indigestible both by its sheer volume and its style; it moreover was outdated already a few years after it had appeared. Since Mattogno neither wanted to completely revise this massive doorstop nor his three older monographs on these camps (Vols. 8 (2002), 9 (2003) and 19 (2010) of the HH series), but something had to be done, we compromised on him writing a new monograph summarizing all the new sources and forensic research results that have come to light since. This is the new Volume 28 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks, which appeared almost simultaneously both in English and German.

The 'Operation Reinhardt' Camps Treblinka, Sobibór, Belzec

Carlo Mattogno, The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz (English and German) (October 2021)
In 2019, an anonymous German volunteer took on translating this massive technical work. By mid-2020, he was 2/3 done with it when he suddenly disappeared (without ever submitting any of his translation work). After failing to give any feedback by mid-2021, I decided to start from scratch and do it myself. It was ready to go at the end of October 2021, but our attempt to set up a new distribution chain in Europe outside of the UK has delayed our switching this book free, as we hoped to set up this book for the new system. In early December, we switched free the new, 2nd English edition of this book that was edited and produced parallel to the German edition, and the German edition will follow shortly, no matter what.

The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, 3 Parts

Another project that was supposed to cross the finish line this year was a German translation of Mattogno’s huge work on the Einsatzgruppen, together with a revised English edition (Vol. 39 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks), but our German-speaking volunteers doing the proofing of the final text have been somewhat slow at submitting their suggestions, so we don’t know when we will be able to release this. Furthermore, I have a long list in front of me of book projects in various pre-production stages, but I will not reveal any of this here, as this message of mine is already too long. I will tell you all about it with next year’s Christmas Newsletter at the latest, after most of them will have come to fruition.


Merry Christmas to everyone, and a successful start into 2022!

Germar Rudolf

This Year at the CODOH Forum

As of December 16, 23021, The CODOH Revisionist Forum has:

  • Total posts = 91,102
  • Total topics = 12,228
  • Total members/registrants = 1,977.

Regardless of the oppressive censorship that free speech is now under, The CODOH Revisionist Forum remains undaunted.
According to our database, some of the most replied-to threads of the year:

Some of those threads were started before, but they have had numerous replies this year. For example, the first thread in the sticky section on Page One of 'Holocaust' Debate / Controversies / Comments / News contains the thread Simple question: What happened to the people who were sent to the camps? / Where did they go?. It began 1 year 7 months ago, it has received over 21,000 views. The thread Complete list of Jewish Expulsions / Jews expelled from over 1,000 places in history, made 2 years ago, continues to receive thousands of views. Some other older threads with high popularity are:

From the 'WWII Europe / Atlantic Theater Revisionist' section of the Forum, we have ongoing hot topics such as:

Thanks to everyone for supporting CODOH.
CODOH Revisionist Forum Moderator

This Year at CODOH’s Social-Media Outreach

CODOH Merchandise on TeeSpring
CODOH Merchandise on TeeSpring
Shirt, sweaters, hoodies, socks; bottles, tumblers, mugs, glasses; handbags, pillows, wall art; face masks, phone cases, stickers... All with free-speech quotes from more-or-less (in)famous people.

About six months ago, I had the honor to begin working for CODOH as a social-media marketer and in assisting with various other small tasks here and there.
Since I began my tenure with this fine organization, we have made a number of significant strides in the expansion of CODOH’s online presence as well as in the development of promotional media and the development of a new income stream for the worthy endeavors of this organization.
We have opened up several new accounts for CODOH on alternative social platforms. The establishing of this presence is significant in general, but most notably, CODOH has gained a good foothold on Gab, a sort of hybrid of Twitter and Facebook that has the distinction of not just becoming the biggest alternative-social-media platform out there, but of actually staying true to its promise to safeguard the sacrosanct principles of free speech and freedom of association by providing a forum where people truly can speak their minds about even the most controversial of topics, so long as this is done in a legal and non-defamatory manner. For a complete rundown of the list of platforms we have launched profiles on, please feel free to read the news bulletin about it here. In the relatively short time that we’ve been there, we’ve gotten substantial engagement on posts we’ve made, which is not just enabling us to network with existing supporters, but introduce our work to new readers and truth seekers as well.
We also launched a Free Speech merchandise store on Teespring, which happily yet somewhat contrary to expectations is still in operation. To access it from the CODOH website, simply click on the "Merch" entry of our menu bar, located at the very top right. The full report I wrote on our merchandise store can be read here. We already have multiple designs available on everything from apparel to household items, the purchase of which not only affords the buyer with a unique conversation piece and way to display their love of liberty, but genuine novelty items. It’s not just a new revenue stream that could become quite substantial over time, but a way to get the message out more widely.
I have also made a great deal of promotional material for CODOH, that will gradually be implemented on the flagship site, in newsletters, and on social media.

  • I have nearly completed a series of video commercials for the HH series.
  • I have designed three unique designs for merchandise promoting the ideals of free speech for our new merch store. (More are in development.)
  • I have designed dozens of quote graphics featuring words of wisdom from intellectuals of all walks of life in the present and throughout history. (The primary function of these is brand recognition and propaganda, and they are spread around on social media.)
  • I am working on state-of-the-art promotional graphics for all the books offered on the store. A great many of which have already been created.
  • I am working on a Flipbook (Flipbooks are animated, interactive Ebooks) edition of HH27. This project is somewhat experimental, but Flipbooks have tremendous potential for being something that will both massively enhance the way our books are experienced digitally, as well as be a solid new addition to our product lineup.

We’re in a war of ideas, and insinuating our message into people’s daily lives is a crucial component of waging “warfare” of that variety against all who would undermine our sacred values and enslave us, mentally or otherwise. CODOH has always been a paragon in the realm of revisionist history, but gone are the days (at least for the time being) where meaty books are the primary means by which thinkers acquire information.
Putting ourselves out there in a way that is copacetic with current cultural norms, however gradually and incrementally this is accomplished, is positively essential if we are going to compel the younger generations who are increasingly addicted to the dopamine buffet that is the online world to really start asking questions about the status quo, questioning the things they are being indoctrinated to believe by mainstream progressive dogma, and really committing to undertaking the arduous task of studying these things for themselves and formulating their own educated opinions while daring to ask not just the tough, but the right questions.
All of these things I’ve detailed take a lot of time and effort to really begin to reap the abundant harvest of which they are imminently capable. Yet even though all of these endeavors I’ve been are in their early developmental, some might even say embryonic stages, we are already seeing tremendous benefits from their undertaking. We’re only touching the tip of the iceberg of what we’re capable of doing in this high-tech modern world we live in, and it’s exciting to think about the strides forward we’re making.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Jacob Tyler

This Year at Inconvenient History

In early May of 2021, our editor-in-chief of Inconvenient History resigned from this post, leaving General Drudge Germar Rudolf to fill the gap – at least temporarily. If it isn’t the liveliest of all periodicals on the planet, it sure is the only revisionist periodical left standing, and we are determined to keep it that way. In order to facilitate this, if anyone with an interest in a revisionist outlook on history and with monitoring the ongoing battle for free speech on topics that matter feels inclined to lend a helping hand with running this periodical, please do get in touch!
It used to be standard to have eight contributions in each quarterly issue of Inconvenient History. When long-time editor-in-chief Richard Widman retired from his post several years ago, this standard was swiftly jettisoned, leading to issues having sometimes more and sometimes fewer contributions. The number of papers submitted to IH over the past few years has dwindled steadily. This year’s first two issues only have five papers, No. 3, has six, and the last one we are currently wrapping up stands at seven as I write these lines. I will not list these papers here, as they can easily be accessed online at

This Year at the CODOH Library

It was in 2008 when Bradley R. Smith and I started messing around with the concept of video making. But it was a year earlier when I saw the powerful video documentary called One Third of the Holocaust. I believe I remember that it was not yet online, and I needed a DVD to watch the entire documentary. I had previously seen the box that contained the DVD in Bradley’s office which, as he used to say, once was his mommy’s bedroom. I might have started working at his office in 2007. The very beginning of this year was a huge change for me. It was after two or three months of working with Bradley Smith that I had the chance of asking him if I may take this DVD with One Third of the Holocaust back home with me, and, of course, without any hesitation, he said, “Yes, Kid, go ahead and take it, but you bring it back”. It is one of the longest revisionist documentaries about the Holocaust narrative. A couple of years later, this impressive piece of information was peered reviewed by Germar Rudolf.
Why am I telling you all this? Well, in those days when I met Germar Rudolf in a little town close to border in Baja California at Bradley Smith’s office (his home), he was a bit skeptical about this less academic approach to real data in the revisionist movement, and now thanks to him and other like David Merlin, Jett Rucker, and many others at, I have been working on some kind of a dream project: Our own Video Library which was proposed after YouTube threw everyone out who was spreading revisionist ideas or anything similarly controversial. Although we could spread our videos wide and farther than we have so far, we have been working primarily on with this. But that may change in the near future.
We have now about 1823 subscribers to our Bitchute Channel, where all our videos can be watched, just as in the Video Section of the CODOH Library. So far, our 1,422 videos have streamed 538,767 times on Bitchute. Unfortunately, we have no view count on our site, Being able to track that would be one Christmas wish I have.

Thank you and Merry, Merry Christmas, Sonico

This Year at the Back End

This past year saw a number of improvements of our website, and one project forced upon us by the eternal enemies of free speech:

Castle Hill Publishers

  • After our former credit-card processing partner threw us under the bus, we had to implement a new solution for our new processing partner in February of this year.
  • We created a new functionality called “Bundles” which allows us to bundle single items together and offer them for sale at a discount while listing at the end of that bundle’s web page which single items are a part of this bundle.
  • When the fallout of Brexit happened, we also had to cancel our attempt at automatizing our order-fulfillment procedure, as we now have to implement an order-fulfillment solution the old style: storing physical books, picking and wrapping them manually as orders come in, and preparing them for shipment ourselves.

CODOH Library

Numerous improvements to the backend of CODOH were implemented earlier this year, such as:

  • Set up a number of background services to allow out sites to run better and be easier to maintain
  • Update our backup solution and back up to local device
  • Improvement to CODOH’s news feed
  • Improvements on search-engine discoverability of our contents
  • Improvements to fonts, layout, and design
  • Implementing a dedicated Video Platform that displays videos differently than written documents

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