Give Me Freedom of Speech, or the World Will End

Preface to "The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech"
Published: 2022-05-28

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As I write these lines, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is progressing at a slow and brutal rate, leaving tens of thousands dead and wounded in its wake on both sides, and turning increasingly large swaths of Ukraine into utter dust and rubble. Because the West is massively supporting Ukraine’s defensive efforts, Russia is making increasingly shrill threats of escalating this war into World War III, including nuclear attacks on various European capitals. Of course, a nuclear exchange between Russia and the West could leave the entire planet devastated, plunging Earth into a nuclear winter that may wipe out life on Earth as we know it.

The situation is bizarre. The Russian government justifies its war by claiming that Ukraine is run – or at least dominated – by Nazis, and that “de-Nazification” justifies war, mass destruction and mass annihilation. This rhetoric comes straight from the propaganda playbooks of the Second World War. But official Russia goes even a step further. When 40 leaders of Western nations met in Brussels in late April 2022 in an effort to coordinate their assistance to Ukraine, Russian state-controlled media were quick to equate these 40 leaders with 40 Hitlers, all Nazis, unified in their support for Nazi Ukraine, and that Russia may have to extend its campaign to now de-Nazify and de-militarize all of NATO.

There is no doubt that nationalism holds stronger sway in Ukraine than in most Western nations, and Russia’s attack has intensified those feelings among Ukrainians holding such views. It is also true that Ukraine and the West are now getting militarized as they haven’t been in decades, but this is merely a reaction to Russia’s war of aggression.

G. Rudolf, The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech

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Bringing Western nations into any context with Nazism is absurd, considering that any manifestation of “Nazism” is suppressed by all means possible, including the penal law in many of those countries.

So how did we get to the point where mankind may cause the extinction of all higher life forms on our planet? How is it that the language, attitudes and actions of official Russia have become so grotesquely detached from reality?

It is safe to say that Russia’s government would not be able to do what it is doing if Russians had full access to all information, the unfettered right to speak their minds publicly, and to assemble in public to voice their views. Censorship and disinformation are what allows the Russian government to get away with this grotesque behavior, which otherwise would undoubtedly lead to yet another revolution in Russia to overthrow the current despotic regime of mass annihilation, one in a row of regimes Russians had to put up with over the past more than a hundred years.

This highlights the impact and importance of freedom of speech. With it, mankind may prosper, but without it, we are teetering on the brink of not just our own species’s extinction.

It’s either free speech, or the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Such a statement would have sounded absurdly extreme only a few months ago, but it is only too realistic now. I hope we will not have to pay the ultimate price for Russia’s curtailing of free speech. But is it just Russia?

In war, truth is always the first casualty on all sides involved, and often even for those not directly involved. To believe that Western media tell the unvarnished truth would be naïve. After all, when it comes to principles, the West isn’t all that different from Russia, which makes Russia’s anti-Western anti-Nazi propaganda even more bizarre.

Video to the book.

Strictly speaking, both Russia and the West are actually doing the same thing. They declare certain perceived enemies as “Nazis”, use censorship laws to prevent those thusly labelled from publicly voicing their dissent, lock up obdurate dissidents in prisons for years, and make sure that any “Nazi” will find it impossible to make a living.

Ever since the end of the Second World War, the term “Nazi” has been used by every regime on the face of the earth to de-humanize individuals that they have targeted for annihilation, if not physical destruction, then at least economical and social ruin. Once a person or group has been identified as “Nazi”, that person or group is fair game. Even lynch justice by a mob riled up by media propaganda is perfectly acceptable in the “civilized” West, as long as the victim is a “Nazi.”

The term “Nazi” arouses feelings in most people that equate with the feelings once harbored by many during the Dark Ages when the term “devil” or “witch” was uttered. Anything is allowed in fighting demons, devils, witches and “Nazis.” In fact, this basic instinct of visceral hatred against someone perceived as the personification of absolute evil is much older than this and probably goes back to our species’s early, barbaric origins millions of years ago. The medieval witch-hunts were only one of its many manifestations. But while the medieval witch-hunts were limited to certain areas of Christian Europe, today’s anti-Nazi witch-hunts are almost global in nature. Say the word, and the Pavlovian dogs will bark, hunt, and maul the “Nazis” all over Planet Earth.

It works every time, everywhere. Not just in Russia and Russian-occupied Ukraine.

I have news for the world: Nazis, actual and alleged, are human beings like everyone else, with the same civil rights as everyone else. And chances are that many if not most of those who are stigmatized as “Nazis” in fact embody the masses’ prejudices about “Nazis” as little as the medieval witches managed in fact to embody their contemporaries’ delusions about them.

It’s a matter of mass hysteria more than anything else.

The present book tells a story of how the Western world and Russia – they act in total unison in this regard – destroy freedom of speech for the sake of destroying what they falsely perceive – or mendaciously claim – to be “Nazis.” Their victims are as little Nazis as Russia’s victims in Russia and Ukraine are Nazis. This is not to say that there aren’t people in Ukraine or among historical revisionists who have sympathies for certain aspects of National Socialism. But as the current war in Ukraine shows, while real Nazis in today’s world of witch-hunting them are no danger to anyone, suppressing free speech can and does lead to wars, which may destroy life on earth as we know it.

The present chronicle of the destruction of free speech in the West runs parallel to the ongoing genocidal war of extermination which Israel has been waging in the Middle East since Israel’s inception, which is also a conflict that could very well go nuclear. Again, as you see, the suppression of freedom of speech potentially leads to the extermination of all life on earth as we know it.

If you don’t see the connection, I suggest you dig deeper into the role which the orthodox Holocaust narrative has to grant Jewish pressure groups in general and Israel in particular an excuse to get away with war, genocide, and if push comes to shove, mass annihilation.

Once you have understood this, you will see that Russia, Israel, organized Zionism and the craven West are all in the same boat. They suppress freedom of speech, and in the process risk wiping out life as we know it on the entire planet.

Freedom of Speech matters most where those in power want to suppress it.

It’s either Freedom of Speech, or the End of the World.

Free Speech matters!

Whether it is Russia or the “West” – they are all doing the same thing. They differ only by degree, not by principle.

Hypocrites, all of them.

Germar Rudolf, Red Lion, USA, April 30, 2022

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